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Home Notes.


The advanced pupils’ recitals of the Sherwood Music School, Chicago, show a large proportion of young players capable of doing artistic work. A branch of the school has been established in Mil­waukee.

Miss Kate Vannah’S song, “My Bairnie,” pub­lished by Theodore Presser, is being sung by Lillian Blauvelt in her song-recitals this season, with much success.

Dr. Minor C. Baldwin, concert-organist, gave recitals last month in Springfield, Vt.; Kingston, Can.; Waterville, Me.; Whitehall, N. Y.; Mechanic’s Falls, Me. (2); Springfield, Mo. (2).

Mr. W. H. Neave, of Salisbury, N. C., a veteran music-teacher of the South and founder of the Neave School of Music, died last March.

The first faculty concert of the Calumet, Mich., School of Music, was held in the school-hall April 3d.

The second annual May Music Festival of the Limestone College School of Music (S. C.) will be held May 14th to 16th. Mr. George Pratt Maxim is director.

Mr. Ernest Lachmund, of Duluth, Minn., has won recognition in Germany with some of his recent compositions for orchestra.

The programs of the recitals at Pomona College School of Music (Cal.), under the direction of Mr. William Irving Andrus, show a fine quality of work. The high standard of the late J. C. Fillmore is being kept up by the new director.

Mr. Edward Baxter Perry gave two lecture recitals at the McFerrin School, Mortin, Tenn., recently. Mr. Perry’s recitals are very popular in the South.

The Seventh Annual Festival Concert of the Bap­tist Temple Choir and Temple Orchestra, Brooklyn, N. Y., Mr. E. M. Bowman, conductor, was held March 27th. Sir J. F. Bridge’s Cantata, “Forging of the Anchor,” was sung for the first time in America.

At one of the late concerts of the Musical Art Society, of New York City, Mr. Frank Damrosch, director, Brahms’ “Gypsy Songs” were played by an orchestra. A “Hungarian Cymbal,” played by Mr. Miska Horvath, was a novelty in the orchestra.

A concert of favorite selections from operas of the nineteenth century was given at Ward Seminary, Nashville, Tenn., by pupils of Mr. Starr.

Mr. William A. Wole, of Lancaster, Pa., has been giving a series of educational recitals for the benefit of his class of pupils.

The Washington, Pa., Oratorio Society, one hun­dred and seventy-five voices, under the direction of Dr. J. M. Blose, assisted by the Washington Or­chestra, gave Gaul’s “Holy City” in March. “The Creation” by Haydn is now being rehearsed, and a modest festival is planned for in May.

Mr. Ernest H. Cosby gave an organ-recital in All Saints’ Church, Richmond, Va., April 5th.

Mr. Maurits Leefson, of the Leefson-Hille Con­servatory, Philadelphia, gave a recital of chamber-music April 15th, assisted by Mr. Cornelius Franke, violinist of the Philadelphia Orchestra.

The pupils’ recitals at the Broad Street Conserva­tory, Philadelphia, draw large audiences. Director Combs and his able faculty are doing splendid work.

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