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Reading Notices

Dr. Henry G. Hanchett will conduct a six weeks’ course of music-study at Point Chautauqua, N. Y., opposite the Chautauqua Assembly. There will be classes in musical analysis and interpretation and private instruction in piano-playing, as well as a series of analytical recitals. New York address: 136 Fifth Avenue.

Teachers interested in musical kindergarten work will be interested in the summer school of the Church Parsons Kindergarten Method of Music-Study, which begins in Chicago, July 15th. Early enrollment is advisable.

The H. W. Greene Summer School at Brookfield Center, Conn., will be the eastern headquarters for the Mason Touch and Technic System. Dr. Mason’s first assistant will be in charge.

The Landon Conservatory, Dallas, Texas, offers a Condensed Course for teachers in Mason’s Touch and Technic; chord, octave, and melody-touches, etc., and a Special Course in Musical Kindergarten.

The Faelten Pianoforte School, Boston, Mass., an­nounces that all teachers who register for the sum­mer course this season may begin as early as June first, and, in addition to the regular lessons of the course, may attend the lectures, interpretation les­sons, and the playing tests, which will take place between the above date and the 21st of June, with­out extra charge.

Mr. Perlee V. Jervis, Steinway Hall, New York City, has arranged to conduct a summer school at Wilton Lake, Me.

Mr. Lynn B. Dana, of Dana’s Musical Institute, Warren, 0., will conduct a music school at the Silver Lake Assembly in New York.

Mr. Louis G. Heinze has arranged for a summer term at his School of Music, 1625 North Tenth Street, Philadelphia. Special rates for teachers.

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