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"Old Violin" Stories Dying Out

The "Old Violin" story seems to have outlived its usefulness so far as the daily papers are concerned. Not so long ago every violin found in a garret or hidden in the cellar was a valuable Stradivarius or an Amati and good for a half-column story in any newspaper. Editors and reporters, however, seem to be getting skeptical, and instead of scenting news stories in connection with the reports of the finding of old violins, generally advise the owner to submit it to an expert to test its genuineness. It has been estimated that given the most modern machinery and a factory full of workmen, it would have taken Stradivarius an entire lifetime to make all the violins credited to him.— Violin World.
"While orchestras are increasing throughout the world," says Kubelik, "the technic demanded from the orchestral performer now must be almost as great as that possessed by Paganini himself. Always be ready to sacrifice your own individuality to the composer whose first consideration was music, not you."

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