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Music All the Way

It is very gratifying to note the number of men who are making an avocation of music. By starting to learn the art in their youth and giving just a little time to it every day or so they contrive to have music all the way through their lives. The late Charles Heber Clark (Max Adeler), whose beautiful soul illuminated all who came near him, once told us that one of the great joys of his long life was that he had had music all the way. Just think what that means,—"music all the way." Think what it means to be without it. At best, it must be music made in one's own brain—music that is expressed through the body, in the throat, with the fingers, or with the bow-arm of the violin. It is lovely to hear music but far lovelier still is the joy of making music. Mr. Clark had been an organist in his youth and he kept up his interest in the art through his busy life which brought happiness and consolation to so many others. If you would "keep sweet," Mr. Business Man, right in the midst of life's bitterness learn a little music and give yourself a half hour nightly at the keyboard. The parent who denies music to the boy is handicaping him in his life work. Start him young and let him have "Music all the Way."

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