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Mr. Paul Volkmann, tenor, of the Combs Conservatory of Music, Philadelphia, gave a recital April 11th.

A recital on the subject “The Suite and Sonata Compared” was given by Miss Helen Esther Wilkinson, in Philadelphia, March 21st.

A music festival, under the direction of Mr. C. J. Schubert, was held at Nashville, Tenn., April 2d, for the benefit of the organ fund of the Assumption Church.

Mr. Ernest Kroeger gave a series of piano recitals at St. Louis during March. One was a “Liszt program,” another was devoted to compositions by Mr. Kroeger.

A historical lecture recital was given under the auspices of the Prochazka Studio of Music, Nyack, N. Y., April 2d. Excerpts from Mr. Prochazka’s lecture on music were read.

Rossini’s “Stabat Mater” was given by the Seattle Choral Symphony Society at the fifth concert of the season. Mr. James Hamilton Howe is the conductor of the Society.

The oratorio “St. Peter,” by Dr. P. Hartmann, was given in New York, April 3d, under the direction of the composer, by a chorus of 160 voices and the Russian Symphony Orchestra.

A large pipe organ was completed for the Prince of Peace Chapel, Philadelphia, and used for the first time at the Easter services. Mr. Wm. H. Kirschmann is the organist and choirmaster.

“Victory Divine,” a sacred cantata by J. Christopher Marks, was given in the Moravian Church, Lancaster, Pa., under the direction of Mr. Wm. A. Wolf, organist and choirmaster of the church.

Master E. Kenneth Howe, son of Prof. Edward E. Howe, gave a concert at Hazleton, Pa., April 2. On the program were four compositions by the young musician, who is in his thirteenth year.

Mr. Franz Salbach, with the A Capella Choir, of which he is director, gave Bach’s “Passion According to St. Matthew” in Milwaukee, March 22. The club was accompanied by organ and orchestra.

The Oratorio Chorus, of Wooster University, Mr. J. Lawrence Erb, director, gave Gounod’s “By Babylon’s Wave,” and “The Seven Last Words,” by Dubois, March 19th. The chorus numbers 100 voices.

Mr. Walter Spry, of Chicago, gave his annual piano recital March 3d, his program made up of compositions by Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Saint-Saëns, Liszt, and novelties by Liapounov, Rossetter G. Cole and Mr. Spry.

The Oratorio Society, of Newark, N. J., Mr. Louis Arthur Russell, conductor, gave a Lenten-tide concert March 6. Coleridge-Taylor’s “Song of Hiawatha” was given by the Society. A grand Wagner concert was given May 1.

The Mendelssohn Trio, of Pittsburgh, gave a recital at East Liberty, March 28. Two compositions by Pittsburgh composers were programed, “Allegretto” from Trio in E minor by Fidelis Zitterbart and “Serenade” by Ad M. Foerster.

A concert of chamber music was given March 12, at the College of Music, Cincinnati, O., by the Marien String Quartet, assisted by Sig. Romeo Gorno, pianist, and four instrumentalists. Beethoven’s Septet, Op. 20, was included in the program.

A new Hutchings & Votey organ was formally opened in St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Erie, Pa., by Mr. Peter Le Sueur, organist and choirmaster of the church. The organ has three manuals, 31 speaking stops, tubular pneumatic action.

The Long Branch (N. J.) Circle of the University Extension lectures on music, by T. W. Surrette, have sent a letter to the Editor acknowledging the great assistance The Etude for the past five years has been in the way of preparatory study for the lectures.

The following members of the faculty of the Sherwood Music School, Chicago, gave a recital recently: Messrs. Malek, George Ashley Brewster, Shirley Gandell, Carl A. Sauter, Mesdames Mabel Webster Osmer, Zoe Pearle Park, and Misses Bertha Stevens, Ida Serven and Amanda McDonald.

The Department of Music, Columbia University, New York City, gave a series of concerts last month, organ recitals by Hamilton Macdougall, of Wellesley College, Horatio Parker, of Yale University, Henry Dike Sleeper, of Smith College; piano recital by Cornelius Rübner, professor of music in Columbia University, and a concert of chamber music. May 7 and 14 two more concerts will be given.

The third annual May Music Festival of the Kokomo (Ind.) Oratorio Society will be held May 23 and 24. Mr Wm. E. Rauch is the festival conductor. The following choral works will be given: Mendelssohn’s “Elijah” and Coleridge-Taylor’s “Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast.” The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, under Mr. Alexander von Fielitz, will furnish the accompaniments and play several orchestral numbers.

Students of the University of Kansas gave two performances of Sullivan’s opera “Pirates of Penzance,” Feb. 28 and March 2, the University Orchestra furnishing the accompaniment. The net proceeds, $100, were sent to the MacDowell Fund. Three concerts will be given during the May Music Festival, the first by Anton Hekking, ‘cellist, and Charlotte Maconda, soprano; they other two will be given by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Alexander von Fielitz, conductor, which will play, among other things, an overture by Mr. Charles S. Skiiton, dean of the School of Fine Arts.


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