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Dolceola - A Miniature Grand Piano


Played with keys like a piano and having a similar action.
A Miniature Grand Piano.

The Dolceola’s captivating harmony and original construction give it instant popularity and the hearty endorsement of musical experts everywhere.
It appeals to the large number because of its low cost.
If you can whistle a tune, you can play it on the Dolceola. It is not only an indispensable aid toward a well-rounded musical education, but offers special opportunity for enjoyment on the part of the untrained, yet musically inclined.
The Dolceola, with its four full octaves, embodies the exquisite tone value of two guitars and two mandolins. Its action, while similar to that of the piano, is quicker and more simple, permitting effects impossible with the larger instrument. Any class of music can be played. Music lovers are delighted with it. You must have one.

Our Handsomely Illustrated Booklet free.
Take a Dolceola on your Summer trip.
Agents Make from $100 to $500 Monthly.
542 Snow Flake Building,


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