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Suggestions for Sight Reading Practice.


1. Facility in reading comes with regular practice founded upon a rational system.

2. Read something new at every practice, if only a short phrase.

3. The correct reading of a simple phrase is better than a tolerably correct rendering of a difficult piece. Hence, for reading, choose music several grades lower in difficulty than that used for detailed study.

4. Before commencing, look for likely places for mistakes; determine what the difficulty is likely to be and devise a method for its removal before succumbing to it.

5. Read in advance of the fingers. Do not leave one chord before the next is in the “mind’s eye.”

6. Try to throw yourself into the right mental attitude towards every phrase and part of a phrase; read arpeggios as chords, etc.

7. Analyze every error you make, note the cause, remove if as much as possible, and play the passage again the next day.

8. The same error committed more than once shows that some general principle has been violated.


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