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Let the Children Sing.

We have frequently urged teachers to see that their young pupils are given drill in singing. It is  true that in many cities the public school music gives the children some work in this branch of music, but it is not enough. The directors of children’s classes should make vocal music a feature of the club work. Simple little pieces, solos, unison choruses, motion songs, staged or unstaged, are delightful features of the work possible for all teachers to introduce.

This kind of practice often proves beneficial when the children have reached young manhood or womanhood, as they have acquired a taste for concerted vocal music. The step into the choir, glee club or choral society is an easy and a natural one. The article by Mr. Jacques Dalcroze, in another page of this issue, puts training in singing before piano lessons. We do not go so far as that. But we do urge that teachers devote some attention to this delightful and important side of musical education.


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