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On Europe as a Summer Music School

JUDGING from the number of teachers, players and freshly graduated pupils who go abroad every summer, Europe may become a great summer music school for American musicians. This would be in the line of development. Some years ago pupils were graduated from schools and conservatories, settled down to teaching, and their musical education stopped right there. To-day, through the influence of the University Extension and the Chautauqua ideas, hundreds of teachers use the summer months for a period of fresh and advanced study. Why not go to Europe with the same idea in mind. Certain teachers have the ability to train a pupil on special lines; there is a wholesome, energizing musical atmosphere, an environment that will help the American teacher. Cut the season a little shorter and get in four months of hard, specialized study. Then come back home and get to teaching again. Go the next summer if you feel you need it. This is better than to cut youself (sic) off from home for two or three years at a time.


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