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A Choirmaster's Qualifications.

The, following is a copy of an advertisement which  appears in the current number of the Cerddor, the Welsh musical magazine:—“A clerk wanted to conduct the singing in the X—— Tabernacle. He must be one who lives as well as professes the Gospel; a decided Baptist. Also he must have a competent knowledge of music, and a voice for giving the hymns out as well as singing. He must be sufficiently acquainted with the English language to pronounce his words with propriety. It is not desired that the hymn should be growled out, nor squeaked out, nor hurried out, nor dawdled out, but given out as dictated by common-sense and a feeling heart, in a voice distinct, earnest, and impressive. Also it is desirable that he should be one who in singing pronounces his words, not glide with la, la, la, nor is it desirable that he should bawl ready to split his throat, but sing easily and melodiously. Of course, perfection cannot be expected, but the above will serve as a hint as to the kind of article that is wanted.”


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