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Edward Baxter Perry closes his season of a hundred and five lecture-recitals at Fitchburg, Mass., on April 9th, and will go at once to his summer home at Baymount, Camden, Maine. Except for one season of concert work in Europe, Mr. Perry has filled more than a hundred engagements per year in this country for fifteen consecutive seasons.

Mr. Henry L. Mason, of the Mason & Hamlin Company, gave a lecture on “The Modern Artistic Pianoforte,” at the New Century Club, Utica, N. Y., February 20th.

Mrs. Margaret Weber has an excellent chorus in the High Schools of Des Moines, Iowa. Selections from the “Messiah” and “Creation” have been given.

Mr. S. L. Bell, of Scio College, 0., gave the regular quarterly recital and symphony concert, with a lecture on “Beethoven and the Symphony,” March 20th.

The Brooklyn Oratorio Club, Mr. Walter Henry Hall, conductor, gave Bach’s “St. Matthew Passion,” March 27th. Mr. J. Francis Cooke prepared fine analytical notes.

The Sinfonia Club, of the New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, gave a program from the compositions of the president of the club, Mr. F. Leslie Stone, March 4th.

The Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra, Mr. Harley Hamilton, director, gave an excellent concert, March 1st. Mr. Charles A. Bowes, baritone, was the soloist.

The Bellevue College and Conservatory of Music, Tennessee, Miss Stella Strickland, principal, reports a successful season.

Mrs. George Y. Brown, contralto, pupil of Mr. Herve D. Wilkins, gave an interesting recital, March 7th. Her selections were from American composers.

Mr. R. Cameron Drummond, of Muncie, has made an interesting review of the work in music in that city for a local paper.

Mr. Emil Liebling gave a recital at the University of Illinois, March 1st.

Miss Ella O. Manning, pupil of Mr. Gilbert R. Combs, of the Broad Street Conservatory of Music, Philadelphia, gave a successful recital in the conservatory hall, March 6th. The program included most difficult selections from the great writers, and was played entirely from memory.

Mr. Carl Brand, a young American tenor, who gave promise in Wagner opera, died in Berlin recently. He received his early education in San Francisco.

Mr. Oscar Nadeau, of New York City, is offering special “courses in appreciation,” including ear-training, interpretation, perception, etc.

The Glens Falls, N. Y., Lyceum Choral Union, under the directorship of Mr. William G. Merrihew, gave a successful concert last month.

At the five-hundredth organ-recital at Carnegie Music Hall, Allegheny City, a suite written by Mr. Joseph Carl Breil, and dedicated to Mr. Carnegie, was played. It is called “Castle Skibo.”

Mr. Gustav L. Becker has been very successful with his lecture-musicales in New York City. The last lecture was by Mr. A. J. Goodrich on “Practical Musicianship.” One of Mr. Becker’s pupils played the illustrations.

We have received a copy of the Songland Choir, edited by Mr. J. M. Blose, Waynesburg, Pa.

Mr. Leo Kofler, for many years organist and choirmaster of old St. Paul’s Chapel, Trinity Parish, New York City, has retired on a pension, and will give his time to private teaching at 5 E. Fourteenth Street.

A recital on “Shakespeare and Music” was given at Ward Seminary, by pupils of Miss Caldwell.

Pupils of Mr. Frederic A. Williams, Cleveland, O. gave a recital in Unity Chapel last month.

Mr. Jean Moos gave a lecture-recital at Bethany College, W. Va., last month, on “Euterpe and Terpsichore.”

The musical services at First Presbyterian Church, Augusta, Ga., Mr. Frank M. Church, organist, are of a high order of merit and attract much attention.

At the last concert of the Chromatic Club, of Boston, the evening was devoted to compositions by Mrs. H. H. A. Beach, the accompaniments being played by the composer.

Last month the Faelten Pianoforte School gave the one-hundredth recital since the founding of the school in 1897. March 11th Mr. Faelten gave his eleventh recital in the series of standard pianoforte works.

The fourth faculty concert of the Toledo Conservatory of Music was given March 18th, in Collingwood Hall.

Mr. Frank Benedict, of Hartford, Conn., assisted by Miss Grace L. Weir, soprano, has given a number of recitals in Connecticut cities.

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