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When the reporters of the suburban daily and weekly papers attempt to “write up” an organ-recital they sometimes exhibit a greater knowledge of prize-fighting than of music, and oftentimes produce an account of the recital which is both ludicrous and incomprehensible. The following, which is reproduced in spelling and phrasing exactly as it appeared in a weekly paper in one of the interior towns of Massachusetts, is the latest, and well illustrates the point:

“Perhaps no feature of the program was more pleasantly anticipated than organ solos by Mrs. A. Her many friends were sympathetically curious to compare her present attainments with those at the time when she formerly resided at the Unitarian organ. Not only were they not disappointed, but they were happily surprised. Her advancement has been very great. The solemn and emotional stateiness of a funeral march, the soul fullness of an andantino, the forcefulness, dash and far away harmony in a concert piece in C, embraced a great variety in sentiment, from the most tender to the most noble and grand. Her key and peddle touches were wonderfully graduated from the most delicate to that which gave power and massiveness. The ability which has enabled Mrs. A. to reach her present altitude, must have other heights to climb.”

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