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Easter Music.

Coombs, “At the Rising of the Sun” (Schirmer).

Bartlett, “The Day of Resurrection” (Schirmer).

Burdett, “Ye Sons and Daughters of the King” (Schirmer).

Coombs, “Christ is Risen from the Dead” (Schirmer).

Shackley, “The Light of Life” (Schmidt).

Schnecker, “Come, See the Place where Jesus Lay” (Schmidt).

Bridge, “Christ is Risen” (Schmidt).

Bullard, “Alleluia, Hearts and Voices” (Ditson).

Bartlett, “O Day of Christ” (Ditson).

Day, “’Twas at the Matin Hour” (unison) (Ditson).



Stevenson, “Easter Eve and Morn” (solo voices, chorus, and organ) (Ditson).

Shelley, “Death and Life” (solo voices, chorus, and organ) (Schirmer).

Buck, “Christ, the Victor” (solo voices, chorus, and organ) (Schirmer).

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