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Recital by the Pupils of Miss Maggie L. Thornburg.
Saved by a Child, Piccolomini; Thine Own Waltzes, Brandt; The Battle Queen, Thatcher; Adiuo, Smith; They all Love Jack, Adams; Faust Waltz, Gounod; Mazarita, Meyer-Helmund; Semiramide, Rossini; Come where Wild Flowers Bloom, White.

Pupils of Miss Bertha J. Chace.
Trinity Bells, Goerdeler; Fire Bell Galop, Bellak; Jolly Huntsmen, Merkel; La Chevalereque, Burgmüller; Charge of the Huzzars, Spindler; Bob o’ Link Mazurka, Sawyer; A Little Story, Oesten; Music Box, Nebling; Boy and Cuckoo, Lange; Fife and Drum March, Giese; Romantic Thoughts, Leybach; Caprice Militaire, Ketterer; Silver Stars, Böhm; Lorely, Seeling; Ojos Criollos, Gottschalk.

Pupils of Utica Conservatory of Music.
Gypsy Rondo, Haydn; Variations, Beethoven; Moon­light Sonata, Beethoven; Minuet, Schubert; Nocturne, E flat, Chopin; Swedish Wedding March, Greig (sic); Piano Solo; Good Night, Bendel; Shepherd’s Dance, Moschowski; Serenade, Moschowski; Gavotte, G. Liebling; Au Rouet, Godard; Bourée, Bach; Sonata, Haydn; Sonata, Op. 31, No. 3, Beethoven; Fantasie, F sharp minor, Mendelssohn; Bird as Prophet, Schu­mann; Nocturne, Brassin; Octave Study, Theo. Kullak; The Spinning-wheel, Bendel; Valse de Juliette, Gounod-Raff; The Nightingale, Liszt; Valse, Op. 34, Moschowski; Polonaise, Von Wilm, Valse, Op. 61, No. 1, Chopin.

Pupils of Clara Brooks Cobb.
Canzonetta (four hands), Myer-Helmund; Spring, Gounod; March of Fingall’s Men, Reinhold; Gavotte, Liebling; My Mother Bids me Bind my Hair, Haydn: Andante from Sonata No. 4, Weber; Gondolier’s Song, Graben-Hoffman; Allegro from Sonata, F major, Mozart; Nocturne, G minor, Chopin; Still as the Night, Böhm; Cappricio Brilliante, Mendelssohn; Thou Art Mine All, Bradsky; Perpetual Motion, Weber; Una voce poca fa, Rossini; Impromptu, Walzer, Volkslied, Ein Slimmungsbild, four hands, Nicode.

Charleston Musical Club.
Subject Mendelssohn. Paper by President; Spring Song; Midsummer Night’s Dream, Orchestra; Vocal, Watchman, will the Night Soon Pass; Spinning Song; Vocal, Cradle Song; On the Sea Shore; Vocal, Parting; Hunting Song; Vocal, Consolation; Duetto; I Would that My Love.

Pupils of Miss E. F. Pike, Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, Mass.
Overture to Egmont, arranged as Piano Trio, by Burchard, Beethoven; Elsa’s Dream, from Lohengrin, Wagner; Eolian Murmurs, Piano Solo, Gottschalk; Concerto in Eb, for Piano and Organ, Mozart; Chanson Hongroise, Piano Solo, Dupont; The First Song, Soprano Solo, Gumbert; Overture to Fingal’s Cave, Piano Duet, Mendelssohn; Sonata Pathetique, First movement, Beethoven; No Evil shall Befall Thee, from Eli, Costa.

Pupils of Htlen E Sellea.
Adagio, Du Deuxieme Trio, Fesca; Pastorale in F, Hitz; La Cenerentola, Hunter; Sonatina (two move­ments), Kuhlau; Only a Dream (Reverie), Eddy; Rondo with Variations, four hands, Brunner; Fantasie—Die Meistersinger von Nuenberg, Wagner; Home, Sweet Home, Schultz; Molto Allegro (G minor concerto), Mendelssohn; Air de Ballet, Op. 29, Werner; The Happy Wanderer, Hiller; Andante and Allegro, Schytte; Piano Duet—La Toukinoise (March), Wenzel; Moment Musical, Scharwenka; Chanson Joyeuse, Op. 99, Ravina; Andante de Salon (Lucia), Ascher; Jubelouverture (two pianos), Weber.

Pupils of Miss Florence Lewis.
Marriage of Figaro, Mozart; Columbine Minuet, Delahaye; Norwegian Song, Loge; Inquietude, Heller; Christmas Story, Mrs. Wiggin; Heather Bells, Kunkel; Tam O’Shanter, Warren; Prelude, Op. 28, No. 15, Chopin; The Crow’s Children; Etude, Wollenhaupt; Second Valse, Godard; Dans des Fees, Jaell; The Pansy; Blue Bells, McDowell; Capriccio, Op. 22, 2 pianos, Mendelssohn.

The Pupils of Mrs. Florence T. Pelton.
Duett, Les Papillons, Streabbog; Duett, Auf zur Jagd, Behr; Come on, Galop, Benedetti; Elfentanz, Grieg; Duett, Breezes of the Night Waltz, Neyer; Watcher’s Night Song, Grieg; Trio, June Bug’s Dance, Holst; Lady Betty, Seymour Smith; Waltz Mignonne, Thomé; Trio, Waltz, Wolff; Second Waltz, Godard; Lichtertanz, aus der opera Feramors, Rubinstein; Duett, Tannhäuser March, Wagner.

Pupils of Frederick Maxon, Phila.
Duett, Sonatina, Kuhlau; Allegro, Sonata, Op. 49, No. 2, Beethoven; Solfeggietto, Bach; Wanderer’s Night Song, Heller; Hunting Song, Heller; Tarentelle, Heller; Columbine Minuet, Delahaye; Brooklet, Spind­ler; Etude, in A flat, Wollenhaupt; Rondo, in E flat, Kalkbrenner; Duet, Elisire D’ Amour, Vilbag.

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