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The Prizes Awarded.

We have awarded the prizes for the two best essays, to the following parties: William Benbow, of Reading, Pa., receives the first prize, and S. P. Govi (a sister, of Providence) the second. The essays are published in this issue. The examination of the material sent in has been very thorough. Dr. H. A. Clarke, of the University of Penna., Chas. W. Landon, and Theo. Presser have been the committee that have examined the manuscripts. There were something over two hundred essays sent in. We were more than surprised to learn that there was such an amount of latent literary talent among the profession. The essays all show a clear insight into the subject treated. The diction is clear and all are of an eminently practical nature. It was quite a difficult task to reach the decision. We have not returned many of the essays. If any parties having written essays desire them returned, we will do so. We would be pleased to retain these subject to our approval for matter in the future numbers of The Etude. We would advise their return, however, in case the essays can be published in the local paper, as a printed copy can be sent to this office, which will serve our purpose just as well. Quite a number have done so already. In case their publication cannot be had, we will be very much pleased to retain these essays, and during the coming months give them more of an examination and cull from them what material might serve the purpose for the columns of The Etude. In the meantime the essays are here subject to the orders of the writers. In the next month’s issue we will award the prizes for the essays written by those on the offer which is now in force in the columns of The Etude. For particulars of this offer see page 89.

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