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What Is Classical Music?


Music which through prolonged usage has proved its possession of those qualities which entitle it to be taken as a standard of excellence, and which has come to be acknowledged, first by competent judges, and subsequently by the public generally as representing the highest expression of musical taste, and hence authoritative as a model. Such music combines in true proportions the qualities of both heart and head, or, in other words, it is characterized by the union of the emotional and the intellectual in proper equipoise, and through the possession of those qualities in their right adjustment, combination and relationship, it is delightful and instructive,—always fresh and incapable of growing old.

The reason why classical music does not always please at the first hearing is because all have not the faculties of perception and reception in an adequate degree. Those who have fine and penetrating discernment, and the ability of making nice distinctions, perceive at once. With others it requires time, study and close acquaintanceship in order to duly appreciate.—Music.

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