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The Seidl concerts, at Brighton Beach, began on June 27th.
The sixth annual examination of the American College of Musicians was held at the New York University on June 24th.
The Ovide Musin Concert Company closed a successful season of thirty-four weeks’ duration at Hertford, Conn., on June 12th.
The Composers’ Club gave a reception to Tschaikowski, in New York, at which several of this composer’s works were performed.
Mr. Gustav Hinrichs inaugurated his summer season of grand opera in Philadelphia on June 8th. The initial opera was “William Tell.”
Constantin Sternberg is making efforts to establish a symphony orchestra in Philadelphia, with the view to giving concerts next winter.
Mr. A. W. Borst, of Philadelphia, opened a new organ by King, at Bridgeton, N. J., on the 10th of June. Local papers speak in the highest terms of the performance.
Mr. William Steinway, at the invitation of the German Social Scientific Society, recently delivered a lecture on “The Beginning and Development of Piano Building in Europe and the United States,” and on “The Development of Music and German Opera in America.”
A Matinee musicale was given at “Glenmont,” the residence of Thomas A. Edison, under the direction of Mr. F. Sonnekalb, who played several piano selections. Miss Lillie Berg and Meigs sang, and the cantata, “King Rene’s Daughter,” Smart, was rendered by the Lillie Berg Chorus.
Musical festivals were held last May in Pittsfield, Mass., Waterbury, Conn., New York City, Syracuse and Buffalo, N. Y., Pittsburg, Mansfield, Ohio, Louisville, Ky., Baltimore, Indianapolis, Washington, Decatur, Ill., Des Moines, Iowa, Charlotte, N. C., and Milwaukee. There is also a series of festivals in preparation for the coming fall.
Edward Baxter Perry gave his last lecture-recital of the season at Wayland, Mass., on May 29th. He has ___ one hundred and twenty towns and cities, in ___ different States, since the beginning of last year. Mr. Perry will spend the summer at his suburban residence, near Boston, preparing new programmes for next season’s work, and arranging routes for his concert trips. He will occupy the time until the holidays; in making a long Western tour, will fill January and February in the South, and devote the three spring months to his Eastern concert work.
Saint Saens is preparing for a trip to Africa.
Saint-Saens has recently finished a pianoforte sonata in F minor.
Dvorak was made a Mus. Doc. of Cambridge, Eng., on June 16th.
Sarasate has been giving his annual series of six concerts in London.
Rubinstein has been decorated with the order of Stanislaus by the Czar.  
Frl. L. Hofbauer, Beethoven’s niece, died in Vienna recently, aged 72 years.
Mozart’s manuscript of his concerto in C was sold at a sale, in Berlin, for $400.
Händel’s “Israel in Egypt” was produced last May, for the first time in Paris.
Dr. Carl Reinecke has just completed a new opera, “The Governor of Tours.”
Sims Reeves took his farewell of the stage in London, Mme. Christine Neilson assisted.
Mme. Carreno played Mr. A. E. McDowell’s pianoforte concerto, at Berlin, on June 1st.
Jules Alary, a fruitful composer of operas, scenes and arias, and a vocal teacher, died in Paris, aged 77 years.
The Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor has been conferred on Prof. Helmholtz, the famous master of acoustics.
A left-handed violinist, David Roget, has just appeared in Berlin. He is said to play Bach’s music with great accuracy.
But three copies of Chopin’s death mask were taken in 1849. One of these was recently presented to the Paris Conservatoire.
Mme. Marguerite de Pachmann is about to engage in a concert tour through the British Provinces with Mme. Adelina Patti.
Alexandre Guilmant, the Parisian master of the organ, is giving his annual series of four concerts with orchestra at the Trocadero.
Orpheus seems an attractive theme for musicians, forty-eight composers, German, Italian, Danish, French and English, having set it to music.
Mons. Catulle Mendes, an eminent French writer, and an admirer of Wagner, is visiting different French towns, lecturing on Wagner and his works.
Tschaikowski intends writing a work for the Grand Opera, Paris, it is said. Its subject: ” The Hero of our Time,” is founded on a novel by Sermontoff.
Wagner’s opera, “Tristan and Isolde,” performed in Münich, was transmitted by telephone and distinctly heard at Wurzburg, a distance of one hundred and ’ forty miles.
At the centenary of Mozart’s death in Salzburg, his “Requiem,” the G minor and “Jupiter” symphonies, and the D minor piano concert (Mme. Essipoff) will be performed, besides other compositions by this master.
Over one hundred and twenty concerts were given in one month in London; among them two Philharmonics, at one of which Paderewski played Saint Saens’ fourth piano concerto, and at the other Sauret played Raff’s violin concerto in A minor.
Von Bülow and D’Albert created quite a sensation at a recent concert for the benefit of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, by playing Brahm’s (sic) Variations on a Haydn theme for two pianos and the Bach double concerto.

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