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The English Registration Bill for Teachers

The English Parliament is considering a "Teacher's Registration Bill," in which English teachers and musical societies are extremely interested.
This Bill provides for the examination and licensing of teachers, much in the same manner as is done with doctors, lawyers and teachers of public schools in this country. The object is to protect the better class of teachers and prevent the charlatan from gaining a foothold.
In our country the College of American Musicians is doing much to raise the standard of teaching. The many conservatories and schools of music are steadily raising their graduation requirements; in fact rapidly so, especially in the line of theory and methods of teaching. The latter may be said to be a peculiarity of the American conservatory, which not only teaches playing, singing and theory, but also gives normal courses in the science of teaching.
It is a well-known fact that a great many fine musicians are poor teachers, and the practical turn of the American mind is seeking to remedy this defect as above stated.
The thorough study of Bach is indispensable to modern pianism, and while reacting in the most favorable manner on the technique, it also encourages a more musicianly appreciation and treatment of all intricate work.—Emil Liebling.

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