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Missouri Valley College School of Music, with Biographical Sketches and Description of Pieces, by Edgar J. Place, Director.
“Hommagaux Dames,” Op. 35, Fesca; “O Leave Me Not, Dear Heart,” Mattie T. ; V La Sonnambula,” Op. 27, Leybach; ” Fille du Regiment,” Op. 115, Smith; ” Happy and Light” (from Bohemian Girl), M. W. Balfe ; March from the “Ruins of Athens,” Rubinstein; Polonaise in A, Op. 28, G. Merkel: “In the Garden of Sleep,” De Lara ; Nocturne in D flat, Op. 24, Th. Dohler; “I will Magnify Thee, O God,” J. Mosenthal; Rondo in G, Op. 51, L. Beethoven; Second Mazurka, Op. 25, B. Godard; “In the Chimney Corner,” F. Cowen; “Allegro con brio,” Sonato in D, No. 11, J. Haydn; First Sonata, 4 hands. Op. 30, F. Schubert; “Joy to the Victors,” A. Sullivan; Allegro Moderato, Sonato in F, No. 28, J. Haydn; “Germany,” M. Moszkowski; “Allegro ma non tanto,” Sonata, Op. 9, No. 1 (two pianos), J. L. Dussek; Overture to “Magic Flute” (two pianos, eight hands), W. A. Mozart.
Music School of Pittsburgh Female College, Theodor Salmon, Director.
At Evening, Schumann; Etude, Op. 25, No. 2, Fantaisie Impromptu, Op. 66, Chopin; Nell, Buchanan; Ballade and Polonaise, Vieuxtemps; Oh, Promise Me! De Koven; Adagio, from 3d Suite, Ries; Eros (Melody), Op. 27, No. 1, Foerster; Rhapsodie Hongroise, Liszt; Harry and I, Anon; Protestations, Norris; Spanish Dance (Habenera), Sarasate.
Elmira College School of Music, Edward Dickinson, Director, Elmira, N. Y.
Symphonic Poem, “Les Preludes,” after Lamartine (arranged for piano, four hands, by the composer), Liszt; Sonata, Op. 27, No. 2 (“Moonlight), Adagio, Allegretto, Presto Agitato, Beethoven; Scene and Air, “Judith,” Concone; March and Chorus from “Tannhaeuser,” Wagner-Liszt; Reverie, Vieuxtemps; Rondo, E flat, Weber; Serenade, D minor, Schubert-Liszt; Solveig’s Song, Grieg; “I once had a Sweet Little Doll, Dears,” Nevin; Polka de la Reine, Raff.
Piano Concert, by Emil Liebling, Chicago, Ill.
Sonata, Op. 31, No. 2, Beethoven; Valses, Op. 18 and Op. 34, No. 1, Nocturnes, Op. 15, No. 1, Op. 37, No. 2, Op. 55, No. 1, Etudes, Op. 35 (sic), Nos. 1 and 7, Chopin; Romance, Op. 41, Raff; Cradle Song, Two Concert Romances (new), Emil Liebling; Impromptu, Op. 17, Concert Etude, Op. 27, No. 3, Scharwenka; Menuetto, Op. 17, Serenata, Momento Giojoso, Valse, Op. 34, No. 1, Moszkowski; Chant du Ruisseau, Lack; Etude de Concert and Polonaise, Schytte.
Musicale by Miss Glover’s Pupils, Grand Rapids, Mich.
Reverie, Sudds; Schottishe, Latour; Sontag, Op. 101, Gurlitt; Heather Rose, Lichner; Palm Leaf Mazurka, Ferd. Hiller; Tulip, Lichner; March, Geise; Young Bugler’s Galop (four hands), Karl Merz; Gavotte, No. 1, A. Barili; Nocturne, Goldbeck ; Song, Anchored, Michael Watson; Flashes from the West, Goldbeck; Finale, Mozart’s Fifth Symphony (four hands); Gavotte, Drippfe; Tempo di Marcia, No. 8 (four hands), Loeschhorn; Volkslied, Oukel Ting.
An Evening with Haydn. Ingleside School, New Milford, Conn., A. Leroy Conkey, Director.
Sketch of Haydn’s Life; Trio in G major (including the famous Hungarian dance rondo), Piano, Violin, Violoncello; Military Symphony, two pianos, 8 hands; Trio, Piano, Organ and Violin; Violin Solo, Sonata in F Major; Trio in A Major, Piano, Violin, Violoncello; Toy Symphony, two Pianos, Violin, Sopranos, Altos, Cuckoo, Rattle, Cricket, Quail, Nightingale, Owl, Whippoorwill, Trumpets, Drum and Triangle.
Parlor Piano Recital by the Pupils of Miss Miriam Coit, Newark, N. J.
Reveille du Lion, 4 hands, Kontski; Sonatine, No. 2, A and B, Rondo Militaire, Biehl; Happy Dream, May Rapture, Lichner; Valse, Rummel; Mazurka, 4 hands, Meyer; Doll’s Dream, Oesten; Danse Hongroise, Böhm; Falling Leaves, Müller; Barcarolle, Gieble; Silver Bells, Spindler; Sonatine, Op. 55, No. 2, Kuhlau ; Tarantelle, Ludovic; Morning Greeting, Gurlitt; Spanish Danses, 4 hands, Op. 12, No. 1, Moszkowski.
Concert by Mr. Arthur Foote. with the assistance of Mrs. E. M. H. Hascall and Mr. Eliot Hubbard, for the Benefit of the Family of Calixa Lavalée, Boston.
Italian Concerto—Allegro moderato, Andante expressivo, Allegro assai—J. S. Bach; Songs, “Stille Sicherheit,” “Through Murmuring Branches,” “Frühlingsgedrange,” Robert Franz; Etudes Symphoniques, Op. 13, Robert Schumann; Songs, “Herbstgefühl,” Nevin;” Because of Thee,” Clayton Johns; Prelude from Suite in E minor, E. A. MacDowell; Waltz in A flat major, Ethelbert Nevin; Prelude and Fugue, from Suite in D minor, Arthur Foote; Caprice on the Duett from “Der Freischütz,” Stephen Heller; Songs, “Meine liebe ist grün,” Brahms ; “Im Maien,” Schaefer; Rhapsodie in G minor, Op. 79, No. 2, Johannes Brahms; Waltz in A flat major, “Le Bal,” Anton Rubinstein.
Piano Recital by Miss Katharine P. Norton, Rutland, Vt.
Allegro, from Grand Sonata in D, Op. 53, Schubert; Kammennoi Ostrow, Op. 10, No. 22, Rubinstein; O Fatima, Von Weber; Sonata in A flat major, Op. 26, Beethoven; The Garden of Sleep, De Lara; Romance in G minor, Scherzino, in B flat, Op. 26, Schumann ; Romance, Pavane, Orth; Peer Gynt-Suite, Op. 46, Daybreak, Death of Aase, Anitra’s Dance, The Hall of the Mountain King (Imps chase Peer Gynt), Grieg.

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