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A Magnificent Gift

Augustus D. Juilliard, whose name was known only to a circle of friends and business connections a few months ago, has sprung into fame by the surprising bequest in his will of amounts reported to be from $5,000,000.00 to $20,000,000.00 all to be devoted to musical culture in America. Mr. Juilliard was born at Canton, Ohio, seventy years ago, of French parentage. He died on April 25th last. His wealth came from his activities in the textile commission business. He was not a musician himself, but was a director and boxholder of the Metropolitan Opera Company of New York. It is said that he rarely missed a performance. For many years he had been assisting young artists. Undoubtedly much of the money will go for the assistance of projects at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York. The following extract from the will denotes the limits of the bequest. The administration of the gift is provided for along lines of great simplicity and elasticity.
"To aid all worthy students of music in securing complete and adequate musical education either at appropriate institutions now in existence or hereafter to be created, or from appropriate instructors in this country or abroad; to arrange for and to give, without profit to it, musical entertainments, concerts, and recitals of a character appropriate for the education and entertainment of the general public in the musical arts, and to aid the Metropolitan Opera Company, in the city of New York, for the purpose of assisting it in the production of operas
The Etude cannot answer questions about this philanthropy, as we have none of the details. Address inquiries to the Juilliard Foundation, c/o Metropolitan Opera House, N. Y.

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