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An Encouraging Failure

Musicians like to think that the tendency in mankind is away from the brutal toward those things which are ennobling, because music at its best appeals to the higher side in man.
It is, therefore, interesting to note the dismal fiasco of the brutal prize-fight recently held between two contenders for the empty distinction of championship slugger and a mercenary reward.
Men who went into the world war to sacrifice their all for the good of humanity fought bravely and unselfishly for a noble cause. But the Toledo disgrace was nothing of that kind— not even the good-natured sparring which the laws of Ohio permit.
Although it was the most advertised thing in America, it proved anything but the big money-making scheme which its promoters had looked for. The auditorium, erected to hold 100,000, had 77,000 empty seats on the day of the fight, according to reports. Toledo speculators who invested heavily lost enormously.
Now, you decent folk of Toledo, you who love the good name of your city, you who sent Brand Whitlock into the world to sustain the high ideals of American manhood, you who did all you could to repudiate the coarse and bloody slugging match, why not go a little further and purge your community of all the ill effects of the disgusting event? Why not organize a Peace Festival on a magnificent scale, in which music may play a great part, and summon the country to attend? It could be done, and the fair name of your city would be cleansed of the recent fiasco.
The world is turning slowly from brutality for brutality's sake, and looking toward elevating things for the sake of the best. This has a great note of encouragement in it for music workers.

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