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Pupils' Recitals


Pupils of Miss Tillie Schmidt’s.
The Flatterer, Chaminade; Pink Domino Waltz, Renard; Puss in Boots Waltz, Renard; In Spring Time (Violin) Greenwald; The Boat Ride, Schroeder; The Angelus, (4 hds.), Gounod; Little Jack’s Waltz, Rosewig; Melody in F (Violin), Rubinstein; Knight Rupert (4 hds.), Schumann; Evening Bells, Eilenberg; Shepherd’s Return, Burgmueller; Under the Mistletoe (4 hds.), Engelmann; Mill in the Black Forest (4 hds.), Eilenberg; Serenata, Mozkowski; Spring Song, Mendelssohn; Iris (4 hds.), Renard: An Easter Daisy, Paul Beaumont; Skylark’s Morning Song, Koelling; Simple Aveu (Violin), Thome; Jack o’Lantern, R. S. Morrison; Invitation to the Dance (4 hds.), Weber.

Pupils of Miss Rachel Paulson.
The Robin Sings in the Apple Tree, Newcomb; Grateful Tasks (4 hds.), Gurlitt; Maypole Dance, Bugbee; Military Array, Kern; Berceuse, Berger; Simple Confession, Thome; Humoreske, Dvorak; Mermaid’s Song from “Oberon” (4 hds.), Weber; Minuet de Mozart, Schulhoff; Melodie, Massenet; The Huntsman, Sabathil; Chimes, Goerdeler; Dragon Flies, Krentzlin; Funeral March of a Marionette (4 hds.), Gounod; Valse Premiere, Perrier; Romance, Sibelius; Tarantelle in A Flat, Mills; Brooklet in the Mountains, Kern; Saltarelle Caprice, Lack; Impromptu, Schubert; Yuccas, Cadman; Arabesque, Chaminade; Valse Styrienne, Wollenhaupt; Capricante-Marche de Concert (4 hds.), Wachs.

Pupils of John L. Bloom.
Mirthful Moments, Engelmann; Scenes, of Gayety, Martin; Jolly Playmates, Engelmann; Menuet, Paderewski; The Young Recruit (4’ hds.), Rathbun; Fading Day, Op. 222, Kern; Sextet—“Lucia di Lammermoor,” Donizetti-Engelmann; Concerto, Op. 12, No. 3 (Violin), Seitz; Eros, Martin; Dragon Flies, Combs; Silent Night, Gillet; Banner of Victory (4 hds.), Blon; Second Valse, Godard; Dream of Spring, Beaumont; Fortunata, Schuler; Persian March, (4 hds.), De Kontski; Titania, Wely; Voice of Summer, Rolfe; “Martha” (Violin), Flotow-Gregoir; Carnival of Venice (with variations), Paganini; Barcarole, “Les Contes d’Hoffmann,” Offenbach; “Il Trovatore (4 hds.), Verdi.

Pupils of Miss Etta M. Tessier.
Song of the Bathers, Wachs; Elfin Revels, Tarantelle, Paldi; Song of the Brook, Lack; Moonlight Barcarolle, Schytte; Valse  Excentrique, Eggeling; Etude Op. 123, R. Hoffmann; Spring Song, Mendelssohn; Tarantella in E Minor, Lomas; Concert Polonaise (4 hds.), Engelmann; Menuet, Op. 15, No. 1, Rogers; Scherzo, Op. 16, No. 2, Mendelssohn; Humoresque, Op. 68, Brandeis,  Concerto in A Min., Grieg.

Pupils of Mrs. W. I. Henshaw.
Day Dreams, Reverie, Lincoln; Rustic Dance (4 lids.). Schytte; Sing, Robin, Sing, The Contented Bird, Spaulding; Dance of the Automatons, Lerman: Dancing Butterflies, Stone; Spring Song (4 hds.), Mendelssohn; Rustle of Spring, Sinding; Melody of Love (4 hds.), Engelmann; Wayside Chapel, Wilson; Faust Waltz (4 hds.), Gounod; From the Heart, Kern; Daughters of Spain (4 hds.). Atherton; To Thee, Astenias; Charge of Hussars (4 hds.), Spindler; Danse Bizarre, Fontaine; Comrades in Arms (4 hds.), Hayes; Titania, Wely; Invitation to Dance (8 hds.), Weber; Mountain Stream, Smith.

Pupils of Mrs. White.
Capricante, Marche de Concert (4 hds.), Wachs; Belle of the Season. Heins; From the Heart, Kern; Hungarian National Dance, No. 1, Horvath; Wilhelmine, Strelezki, Miss Rose Edgar; Dance on the Green, Heins Berceuse, Berger; Sicilian Dance, Quinn, Entreaty (for the left hand alone), Lichnel; Marcia Fantastica, Bargiel; Royal Hunt, Holzer; Fantasie in D Minor. W. F. Mozart; Arabesque, Meyer-Helmund; A Memory (Song), Borowski; Zur Guitarre, Hiller; Polonaise Militaire (4 hds.), Chopin.

Pupils of Miss Farrell.
Wayside Spring, Williams; Wayside Rose, Fischer; May Day (4 hds.). Rathbun; Grotesque Reel, Marie Crosby; Warblings of the Birds, Kimball; Learning to Waltz, Missa; Amorette, C. W. Krogman; Hungarian Rhapsodie, Koelling; From the Heart, Kern; Among the Snowflakes, Meissoner; Heavenly Chimes, Gradi; Glittering Jewels, Engelmann; Birds of Passage, Wachs; En Route Caprice, Fontaine; Serenade, Liebling; Tarentella, Dressier; The Nightingale and the Zephyr, Boynton Smith.


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