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Useful Recital Music


Pupils of Miss Grace M. Bramhall.
L. Arlesienne (4 hds.), Bizet; Violin Trio, Fowler; Caprice Militair, Schmoll; In the Park, Dorn; A Rural Wedding, Wm. Mason; Spinning Song, Hermann; Keepsake Gavotte, Petrie; Knight Rupert, Schumann; Cabaletta, Lack; Austrian Song, Pacher; Valse Brillante, Piezonka; Sonata in C Minor (Second Movement), Grieg; Tarantelle, Piezonka; the Flatterer, Chaminade; Violin Trio, Dancla; Two Larks, Tschaikowsky; Serenade, Stojowski; Serenade Mysterieuse, De Boisdeffre; Mazurka, Wieniawski; The Nightingale, Liszt; Valse Du Ballet, Tschaikowsky.

Pupils of Herbert William Reed.
Sextette from “Lucia” (4 hds.), Donizetti; Peasants’ Dance, Baumfelder; Aragonaise, Massenet; The Sentinel March, Read; Spanish Dance, Eggeling; On the Lake, Williams; Imps’ Revels (4 hds.), Bonheur; Melodie, Paderewski; Minuet Moderne, Conrath; Orange Blossoms, Friml; Impromptu in C Sharp Minor, Reinhold; Song Without Words, Op. 38. No. 3, Mendelssohn; Valse des Fleurs, Ketterer; “Poet and Peasant” (4 hds.), Suppe.

Pupils of Miss Chalmers.
Fair Play March, Crist; 5th Nocturne, Leybach; Twilight Scottische, Crist; Alpine Glow, Oesten; “Poet and Peasant,” Suppe; Two Juveniles (4 hds.), Burty; Ever Green Waltz, Crist; Pleasures of May, Chalmers; Pure as Snow, Gustave Lange; Monastery Bells, Wely; Honey Suckle Polka (4 hds.), Rosewig; Starlight Waltz, Brainard; Moonbeams on the Lake, Fitzpatrick; Mountain Bell Schottische, Kinkel; Bells of Christmas Eve, Wenzel; Moonlight on the Hudson. Wilson.

Pupils of Mrs. O. S. Kinney.
Spring Breezes (4 hds.), Calvin; Sicilenne, Raff; Farewell to the Piano, Beethoven; Scherzo, Schubert; Gaily Chanting Waltz, Behr; Impromptu, in A flat, Schubert; Friendship Waltz, Streabbog; Harmonious Blacksmith, Handel; Moment Musical in F minor, Schubert; Sextette from “Lucia,” Donizetti; Andante in C, Beethoven; The Troubadour, Reinecke; At School March (4 hds.), Streabbog; Rondo in C, Beethoven; Larghetto in D, Mozart; Anitra’s Dance, Grieg; Anvil Chorus (4 hds.), Verdi-Engelmann.

Pupils of Miss Smith.
“Midsummer Night’s Dream,” Overture, (4 hds.),Mendelssohn; Dance on the Green, Bohm; Pipe and Bowl Schottische, Engelmann; Valse (D-flat), Chopin; Serenata (4 hds.), Moszkowski; Menuet, Paderewski; The Two Larks, Leschetizky; Silver Bells (4 hds.) Weyts; Shepherd Boy, Wilson; Spring Song, Mendelssohn; Evening Star (from “Tannhauser”), Wagner-Liszt; Caprice Elegant, Lack; “Light Cavalry” (4 hads. (sic)), Von Suppe; Souvenir de Trovatore, Hoffman-Verdi; Twittering of the Birds, Billerma; Sonata, Appassionata, Beethoven.

Pupils of Mrs. Wood-Arfwedson.
Children’s Ball (12 hds.), Hiller; Wild Flowers, Wenrich; March Grotesque Schielffarth; The Fairies, Bohm; The Old Church Bell (4 hds.), Colby; Russian Intermezzo (4 hds.), Franke; At Sundown, Wilson, King’s March, Gambrell; The Avalanche, Heller; The Meadow Brook, Williams; The Wayside Rose, Fischer; The Robin (vocal), Nevin; The Mountain Stream, Bohm; Birds of the Forest, Koelling; Polacca Brillante, Otto Merz; Rustic of Spring, Sinding-Petit.

Pupils of Miss Jessie Whittaker.
Spanish Dance (4 hds.), Moszkowski; Spinning Wheel, Ellmenreich; Jolly Comrades, Engelmann; In Clover, Kern; Jolly Huntsman, Merkel; Valse Impromptu, Rathbun; Waltz Animato, Anthony; Rustic Ball, Kaiser; Oriental Dance, Kern; La Matinee, Dussek; Scherzino. (sic) Moszkowski; Simple Confession, Thome; Waltz in Octaves, Concone; Second Waltz, Godard; Rondo in A, Haydn;  Album Leaf, Scholtz; Flower to Flower, Kullak.


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