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Laziness of Pupils.

Man is by nature a lazy animal, and is, on occasion, turned aside by very slight obstacles. How often does the violin pupil go to his case to get his violin for the daily practice, and, finding a string broken, give up practice for the day from sheer laziness, simply to escape the trouble of putting on a new string. Then, possibly he has no new string to replace the broken one, for violin students, as a majority, have an unaccountable failing to keep an extra supply of strings on hand. This may interrupt the practice for two or three days, until the pupil has time to go to the music store and get a new string. Besides broken strings, there are many other minor accidents which may befall the violin and bow, and every teacher can testify how much these delay the pupil’s progress and interrupt his regular practice, unless he is of a peculiarly methodical and painstaking disposition.

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