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Useful Recital Music


Pupils of Mrs. Doe.
Valse Lents, Schuett; Turtle Doves, Engelmann; Elfentanz, Grieg; Valse Mignonne, Chaminade; Curious Story, Keeler; Hunting Song, Mendelssohn; Invitation to Dance, Weber; Camp of Gypsies, Behr; In May, R. Schumann; Dance, Meyer-Helmund; June Roses, Spaulding; Barcarole, Enna; Little Love Song, Bohm; Solfeggietto, Ph. Em. Bach; Au Martin, Godard; The Swallows, Bachmann; Spring Greeting, Porter; In Rank and File, Lange; Summer Joy, Reins; Seguidilla, Bohm.

Pupils of Mrs. Anna G. Pilcher.
Minuet (6 hds.), Mozart; Eventide Reverie, Fieldman; Spinning Song, Elmenreich; Mosquito Parade (4 hds.), Whitney; Sweet Violets, Smallwood; Valse Brillante, Von Wilm; Meditation, Morrison; Briar Rose, Hamer; Shower of Stars (4 hds.), Wachs; Zwei Blumen, Koelling; Dance of the Midgets, Kern; Dancing Stars, Drumheller; Carnival (4 hds.), Deshayes; Spinning Wheel, Spindler; Barcarolle, Grant Schaefer.

Pupils of Ethelynd Hawley Biscoe.
May Day (4 hds.), Rathbun; An Autumn Idyl, Lindsay; Dance of the Wood Sprites, Forman; Polish Dance, Scharwenka; Under the Lindens (4 hds.), Volkmann; Gipsy Revel. Harding; In a Strange Land, Wolff; The Flower’s Lullaby, Metzler; Twilight Dance of Fairies, Turner; Fantasie—Impromptu. Chopin.

Pupils of Cecelia R. Berry.
Concerto, C major (Allegro con brio), Beethoven; Hark. Hark, the Lark, Schubert-Liszt; Polonaise, Paderewski; Concerto, D minor, (Allegro appassionata), Mendelssohn; Concerto, G minor, (Allegro moderato), Moscheles.

Pupils of Mr. Theodore Hoffmann.
March Militaire (4 hds.), Schubert; Sonata, C major, Mozart; Narcissus, Nevin; To a Wild Rose, MacDowell; Mazurka (4 hds.), Delibes; Barcarolle, Offenbach; Cavatina (Violin), Raff; Rural Wedding (4 hds.), Mason; High School March, Spencer; Fifth Nocturne, Leybach; Scarf Dance, Chaminade; Autumn Days (4 hds.), Lindsay; Pilgrim’s Chorus, Wagner; Humoreske, (Violin), Dvorak; Flower to Flower, Kullak; Coronation March, Meyerbeer; Fantasia, D minor, Mozart; Valse, Op. 64, No. 1, Chopin; Overture, Caliph of Bagdad, Boieldieu; German’s Triumphal March, Kunkel; Little Bird, Grieg; Butterfly, Grieg; Midst the Breakers (study), Döring; Spanish Dances (4 hds., Moszkowski; The Fountain, Bohm; Pizzicati, Delibes; Dance of the Demons, Holst.

Pupils of Mrs. Clara Thompson.
Martha (4 hds.), Flotow; Woodland Rivulet, Spindler; The Swallows, Bachmann: Scarf Dance (4 hds”), Chaminade; Hussar’s Ride (2 pianos), Spindler; Grand Vase Caprice, Engelmann; Alpine Glow, Oesten ; The Blacksmith (4 hds.), Ever; Little Fairy, Streabbogi; March and Chorus from “Tannhauser” (8 hds.), Wagner; Dance of the Wild Flowers, Wenrich; Nodding Daisies, Fearis; Spring Flowers (4 hds.), Behr; Second Valse (2 pianos), Godard; Whispering Wind, Wollenhaupt: Ball Game, Sawyer; Chasse aux Gazelles (4 hds.), Calvini; Awaken of the Lion (8 hds.), de Kontski: When Lights are Low, Engelmann ; Dance of the Winds, Peabody; Flag Day (4 hds.), Fearis; Charge of the Amazons (4 hds.), Spindler; Overture “Oberon” (2 pianos), Von Weber; In Twilight, Gänschals; By Mountain Spring, Bohm; A Love Token (4 hds.), Morena; Holiday March, Kimball; Grace (4 hds.), Bohm; Shepherd’s Evening Song, Baldwin; Overture “Semiramide (8 hds.), Rossini: Girard Gavotte (4 hds.); Dorothy, Seymour Smith; The Butterfly, Lavallee.

Pupils of Mrs. William Walker.
Tarantella (4 hds.). Parker; Sing Robin, Sing, Spaulding; Flower Song, Lange; Imps at Play, Paulsen; I Want to be a Soldier, Rowe; Sleigh Ride (4 hds.), Walters; Night in June, Combs; Tete-a-Tete, Atherton; Sunset, Read; Polacca Brillante, Weber.

Pupils of Jesse Woods.
Grand Festival March (8 hds.), Engelmann; First Melody, Renard; The Fair, Gurlitt; Children’s Dance, Streabbog; Valse in E Flat (2 pianos), Durand; At the Spring, Gurlitt; Mignonette, Lichner; Bicycle Waltz, Geibel; Playful Rondo, Heller; Flying Doves, Heins; Hobgoblin, Nürnberg; Alia Marcia (4 hds.), Von Wilm; The Joyous Peasant, Schumann; Cradle Song, Heller; Moorish Dance, Kern; Playful Rondo, Greene.

Pupils of Mabel Hiskey Barr.
An Autumn Festival, Geibel; My First Repertoire, Engelmann; Just a Little Bunch of Flowers, Spaulding; Rob Roy March, Anthony; Fairy Schottische (4 hds), Streabbog; Spirit of Spring, Parker; On Rollers, Rowe; Love and Flowers, Aldrich; Old Homestead Waltzes, Kleinbeck; Constantinople (Turkish March), (4 hds.), Atherton; Good Morning Everybody, Spaulding; Humming Bird Waltz, Schiller; Pink Waltz, Streabbog; Etude A Fiat, Wollenhaupt; Poet and Peasant Overture, Suppe; Sunset Nocturne, Read; Children’s Waltz, Brounoff; Cherry Time, Spaulding; March Militaire, Leybach.

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