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Music That Progressive Teachers Have Found Desirable
Pupils of Miss Alice Beiderlinden.
La Chasse aux Gazelles (4 hds.), Calvini; Morning Greeting, Gurlitt; Voice of the Heart, Van Gael; At the Pianoforte, Gurlitt ; Heather Rose, Lange; A Request, Gurlitt; Rita, Valse Espagnole, J. E. Philie : The Child's Prayer, Kullak ; The Silver Nymph, Op. 164, Heins ; The Little Wanderer, Kullak ; Shadow Dance, Read ; Twilight Reverie, Guy; Souvenir, Op. 14, No. 3, Lichner; Evening Chimes, Heins; Marche Cosaque, G. Bachmann; Serenade, Op. 371. Koelling; Butterflies, Etude, Williams; Hungary, Rhapsodie Mignonne (8 hds.), Koelling; Valse Venitienne,   L. Ringuet; Narcissus, Nevin; Moonlight on the Hudson, G. D. Wilson ; Serenade, W. Ii. Underhill; Scherzo, Op. 40, Emil Liebling; Norwegian Bridal Procession, Grieg: Second Mazurka, B. Godard; March in D Flat, Op. 39, No. 1 (8 hds.), A. Hollaender.
Pupils of Jacob J. Geesey.
Processional March, H. Parker; "O Thou Sublime, Sweet Evening Star" (pipe organ), R. Wagner; Heather Rose, G. Lange ; Spring Song, Bellak; Rose Petals, Paul Lawson: Trip Lightly Waltz, G. W. Bryant; Little Robin Hood's Barcarolle. P. Latour: Giga. Arcangelo Corelli; Violet Eyes. Geo. L. Spaulding; Little Bo-Peep Mazurka. H.    Engelmann; Going to the Races, C. V. Cloy: Basket of Flowers, Op. 9, Teresa Carreño; March of the Halberdiers, Lefebure Wely: Prelude and Fugue in F, J. S. Bach : Prayer and Cradle Song (pipe organ), Guilmant; March in C (organ). C. M. Read; The Mill at Sans-Souci, H. Necke; Silver Bells (4 hds), Henry Weyts; The Chapel in the Mountains, G. I). Wilson; Mirth and Gayety. Carl W. Kern; Alsatian Dance, Thome: Bagatelle, F. Baumfelder ; Harvest March. P. Latour; Constant Devotion, Adam Geibel: The May Day (6 hds.), Rathbun; Anniversary March (organ), J. L. Erb; Andante in G (organ), Batiste.
Pupils of St. Joseph's Academy.
Marche Militaire (8 hds.). Engelmann : Girard Gavotte (6 hds.), Fondey; The Captive's Flight, Mazurette ; Pierrot, Chaminade; Hunting Song (8 hds.), Schumann: Carnival of Venice, T. Oesten ; O Thou Sublime Sweet Evening Star, Wagner; After the Charge (4 hds.), Engelmann.

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