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Moritz Moszkowski on Himself.

Replying to the request of Mr. Ernst Perabo, of California, for his autobiography, the famous pianist, teacher and composer, Moritz Moszkowski, sent the following satirical letter:
"I took my first step before the public in my earliest youth, following my birth, which occurred August 23, 1854, in Breslau. I selected this warm month for the event in hopes of a tornado, which always plays so prominent a part in the biography of great men. This desired tempest, in consequence of favorable weather, did not occur, while it accompanied the birth of hundreds of men of much less importance.
"Embittered by this injustice, I determined to avenge myself on the world by playing the piano, which I continued in Dresden and Berlin, as Kullak's pupil. In spite of the theoretical instruction of Kiel and Wuerst, a lively desire to compose was early aroused in me. I perpetrated, in time, an overture, a piano concerto, two symphonies, piano and violin pieces, songs, etc.; in short, I have twenty works in print. I should be happy to send you my piano concerto but for two reasons: first, it is worthless; second, it is most convenient (the score being four hundred pages long) for making my piano stool higher when I am engaged in studying better works. My prominence as a pianist is known to you. I have concertized in France and Germany, where they are at work day and night (by electric light) preparing my triumphal arch and a procession of virgins clothed in white.
"Besides these exclusive acquirements I can play billiards, dominoes and violin, can ride, imitate canary birds and relate jokes in Saxon dialect. Am a very tidy, amiable man, and your devoted friend and colleague.
"Moritz Moszkowski."

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