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Special Notices

Special Notices

RATES—Professional Want Notices five cents per word. All other notices eight cents per nonpareil word, cash with orders.

FOR SALESome piano music and musical literature. Apply to L. P., care of Etude.

TWO-MANUAL Carhart Needham Organ. Fourteen stops, 1 5-8 octave pedals. $50.00. Address “Z,” 219 McKinley, Salem, Ohio.

UNIVERSITY Graduate desires position to teach elementary and advanced harmony. Satisfactory references. Address R. S., care of Etude.

FREE TO VIOLINISTSA copy of my publication “The Violin of a Master.” Send name and address to-day. W. T. Glendy, Tama, Iowa.

POSITION Wanted. Accompanist for voice or instrument. Sight reader. Reference. Mrs. Adele S. Naar, 1706 Oxford street, Philadelphia.

FOR SALE40 copies Root’s Popular Operatic Cantata “The Haymakers.” Good condition: 50 cents each. A. Edwards. Morgan Hill, California.

WANTEDYoung men to graduate in Landon Conservatory. Expenses earned in theatre orchestra; piano, violin, voice. Box 272, Coffeyville, Kansas.

THE TAUSIG HAND EXPANDER, an aid to pianists with small or stiff hands. One dollar postpaid. Essex Publishing Co., 853 Carnegie Hall, New York.

SEND FOR (FREE) “How to Make Technic Fascinating,” “The Secret of the Artist” and other new ideas for teachers. See Shepard System Advertisement.

“SCALES, KEY SIGNATURES, RELATED KEYS” is endorsed by leading teachers. 35c. net. Testimonials mailed. Address The Musical Press, Box 422, Philadelphia.

MADAME EDYTHE MELVILLE, pianist, originator and teacher of the Melville Method of Relaxation, has moved her studio from New York to 321 Boren avenue, Seattle, Washington.

VOCAL TEACHER needed in Nova Scotia. Lady of good appearance, good voice, will find a more than ordinary field in this vicinity. For particulars, address M. M. S., care of Etude.

TEACHERS’ MANUAL for instruction in music, first to eighth grade, by H. W. Fair- bank, Supt. Music, Chicago Normal School. Ready October 1st. Price, 35 cents. H. W. Fairbank Pub. Co., Chicago, Ill.

THE TRINITY MUSIC STAND (3 in 1)—stand, case, folio. The best and only complete one in the world. Illustrated folder  shows you why. Hope Music Stand Co., Mashapaug street, Providence, R. I.

WANTED—Every piano player to have the “Practical Tuning Method.” Complete self-instructor in tuning and repairing pianos. Price, $1.50. Correspondence course if desired. Circular free. H. Lincoln Coffey. Centralia, Ill.

WILL SELL my violin, made at Mirecourt, 125 years ago. Has great depth and purity of tone, and is a fine instrument for the professional or student. Ample opportunity for examination. W. A. Hickey, 285 S. Irving avenue, Chicago.

A COMPETENT TEACHER WANTED in every city and town to introduce the Russell Methods of Music Study—Voice. Pianoforte and Choral Class Work. These works are bringing results everywhere. Reference, etc., required. Address Headquarters, The Normal Institute of Music, Carnegie Hall, New York.

NEW VICTOR RECORDS that should be of great value in studios. Miss Maud Powell, the most eminent of American violinists, whose Violin Department in the July Etude has been reprinted far and wide, has recently made several new records for the Victor Company. These records so far excel all previous efforts that some think they set a new standard. Thus those who might otherwise never hear Miss Powell, by securing these records can reproduce on the Victor machine her interpretation of the finale to the “E Minor Concerto” of Mendelssohn, the “Meditation Religieuse” from “Thais,” by Massenet, etc. For the violin teacher, it is like inviting the great artist to become a permanent visitor to the studio. In the same manner the new vocal records of Melba, Gadski, Witherspoon, Hamlin, and Evan Williams are of equal value to the vocal teacher who takes a pride in having pupils hear the great artists of the opera without additional expanse. Full information about these records is contained in a little booklet, illustrated with portraits of the great singers and performers, which will be sent gratis upon application to the Victor Talking Machine Company, of Camden, N. ,T.. or by your local dealer.


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