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Music That Progressive Teachers Have Found Desirable

Pupils of Miss Edith W. Page.
Andante, from “Surprise Symphony,” Haydn-Saint-Säens; March, from 2nd Hungarian Rhapsody (4 hds.), Liszt; The Brooklet, Ryder; Lightly Row (4 hds.), Landon; March of the Little Sages, Mathews; Jingle Bells, Fearis; Merry Games, Frate; Festival March (4 hds.), Low; Blow Bugles, DeVilbac; Flying Doves (4 hds.), Heins; Airy Fairies, Spaulding; The Young Recruit (4 hds.), Rathbun; Youthful Joy, Espen; Neapolitan Song (4 hds.), Harthan; Ben Hur Chariot Race, Paull; Evening Bells, Eilenberg; Scherzo Ballet, Sabathil; En Route March (4 hds.), Engelmann; The Goat Ride Polka, Bristow; Tarantella, Coverly; A May Day (4 hds.), Rathbun; Sweet Memories, Martin; Winged Messengers, Ringuet; My Mama’s Waltz (4 hds.), Streabbog; Merry Lads and Lasses, Sanford; Spring Song, Mendelssohn; A Rural Wedding (4 hds.), Mason; Charge of the Uhlans, Bohm; Simple Confession, Thome; Silver Bells (4 hds.), Weyts; Evening by the Sea, Karoly; Shower of Stars, Wachs; Danse Ecossaise (6 hds.), Baker- Mayseder.

Pupils of Albert Smith.
Schottische, Kaiser; Joyous Peasant, Schumann; On the Jump, Sartorio; Scherzo, Rohde; Paternal Severness, Hollaender; Golden Rod Waltz, Oehmler; Dolores, Behr; Printannia, Lack; Morris Dance, Edw. German; Allegro from Sonata in G, Mozart; Humoreske, Dvorak; Swedish Wedding March, Sodermann; Allegro from Sonata in C No. 2, Haydn; Harlequin, Bartlett; Gigue Bretonne, Bachmann; Message of Spring, Zingel; Reveil du Printemps, Friml; Coronation March from “Le Prophete,” Meyerbeer; Mazurka Melodique, Dolmetsch; Polonaise Op. 26, No. 1, Chopin ; Grande Gavotte in D, Bartlett.

Pupils of E. Von Schlechtendal.
Etude, Opus 32, No. 15, Jensen; Maid of Tyrol Valse, Streabbog; At Play on the Meadow, Foerster; Joyous Hopes, Lichner; Tarantelle, Nolle; The Lark’s Morning Song, Koelling; Sinking Sun, Spindler; Nocturno in B flat, Reynald; Barcarolle in A flat, Scharwenka; Fond Hearts Must Part, Lange; Mazurka A flat, Echeverria; First Mazurka, Godard; Valse Gracieuse, Spindler; Valse in A flat, Moszkowski; Adelaide, Beethoven; Au Revoir, Lichner.

Pupils of Mrs. Charles Slocumb.
Overture, William Tell (6 hds.), Rossini; Gypsy Dance (4 hds.), Hunt; Glockenspiel (12 hds.), Kramer; Valse Caprice (4 hds.), Missa; La Capriceuse (8 hds.), Eggeling; 2d Waltz (4 hds.), Godard; Berceuse, Godard; Fidelio (8 hds.), Beethoven; Polonaise in A (8 hds.), Chopin; Whims, Schumann; Home, Sweet Home, Mills; Last Hope, Gottschalk; Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 (8 hds.), Liszt.

Pupils of G. L. MacMillan.
Inventions, Nos. 8 and 14, Bach; The Butterfly, Etude de Concert, Lavallee; Kammenoi- Ostrow, Op. 10, No. 22, Rubinstein; Sextette from “Lucia,” Donizetti; Burlesca (4 hds.), Gurlitt; Dance Characteristique, Sabathil; June, Tschaikowsky; Scherzino, Schubert; Valse in A flat, Schutt; Murmuring Zephyrs, Jensen-Niemann; Romance and Song to the Evening Star, Wagner-Liszt; Valse in E Minor, Chopin; “If I Were a Bird I Would Fly to Thee,” Henselt; Valse in E, Op. 64, No. 2, Chopin; Valse Brillante in A flat, Chopin: Etude in G flat, Op. 25, No. 9. Chopin; Polonaise in A, Op. 40, No. 1. Chopin; Etude, Op. 10, No. 5, “Black Key Study,” Chopin; Salut a Pesth, Kowalski; Valse in E (4 hds.). Moszkowski.

Pupils of Dr. Haas.
Snow Birds, Schiller; Isabelle, Bohm; Heather Rose, Lange; Violet Valse, Bohm; Twilight, Bohm; German Folksong with Variations, Lichner; Polonaise, Jos. Hofman; Second Valse, Godard; Frisches Leben, Spindler; Les Sylphes (4 hds.), Bachman; Gipsy Rondo, Haydn; “The Swallow Song,” Bohm; Marseillaise, Meyer; Tanzweise, Meyer Helmund; Tarantelle, Heller; Schlummerlied, R. Schumann.

Pupils of A. W. Pike.
Au Revoir, Lichner; Flower Song, Lange; Birds of Paradise, Waltz, Streabbog; Pastorale, Hitz; In the Country, Sartorio; In the Boat, Waltz, Norris; The Little Hungarian, Behr; Morning Greeting, Heins; Violette Des Bois, Morley; Old Black Joe, Drumheller; Valse Brillante, Op. 6 (4 hds.), Shulhoff; Return of Spring, Franz Rubens; Blue Bells of Scotland, Kube; Tarantelle, Dennee;  Rigoletto, Dorn; Dance of the Flowers, Delibes; Fantasie on Faust, Leybach; Witches’ Dance, Paganini-Wallace; The Trout, Schubert- Heller. 


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