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Special Notices

Professional Want Notices are inserted at a cost of five cents per word, cash with order. Business Notices, ten cents per word, cash with order. Do not have replies directed to this office.

WANTED—Two practice claviers, secondhand, but in good condition. The price must be reasonable. Address C. H. French, Huron College, Huron, S. D.

WANTED—Manuscripts of teaching pieces. James H. Dixon, Publisher, Glenside, Pa.

VIRGIL PRACTICE CLAVIER for sale. Good condition. Reasonable price. Miss A. G. LaPointe, 46 Fargo Avenue, Buffalo, N. Y.

FOR SALE—Bound volume of The Etude, year 1889. Price upon application. Address B. B., care of The Etude.

CLAVIER FOR SALE, good condition, $30. Rent, $5 quarter. H, 4224 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

FOR SALE—A Bruno Mandolin which has been used but a few times. Half price. Inquire of M. C. S., 24 W Main Street, Greenville Pa.

IRISH MUSIC by Francis O’Neill. See advertisement in front of this issue. Selections unique of their kind, of interest to every singer, public or parlor.

STEWART MONOGRAM BANJO. New; usual selling price $20.00. Cash price to-day $10.00. Address H. E. W., care of The Etude.

WANTED—To sell large collection of street songs and music of the years 1820, ‘30, ‘40, ‘50 and ‘60. Write for particulars. R. E. Puryear, Campbellsville, Ky.

A COMPETENT TEACHER WANTED in every city and town to introduce the Russell Methods of Music Study—Voice, Pianoforte and Choral Class Work. These works are bringing results everywhere. References, etc., required. Address Headquarters, The Normal Institute of Music, Carnegie Hall, New York.

25 NEW PUPILS FROM ONE RECITAL, the record of teacher of Shepard Piano System. Booklet. Also, Harmony by Mail. Culture classes. Shepard Schools, Orange, N. J.

THE TAUSIG HAND EXPANDER, an aid to pianists with small or stiff hands. One dollar postpaid. Essex Publishing Co., 853 Carnegie Hall, New York.


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