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Pupils of Miss Mattie Kirkpatrick. 
Rigaudon (4 hds.), Chaminade; Constancy (song), Parker; Sonatine—Petite Soiree, Schmoll; Laughing Jenny, Schmoll; Hongroise (4 hds.), Enke; Forgotten (song), Cowles; The Cuckoo, Ashford; The Tin Soldiers’ Parade, Otto; Little Sunshine Polka (4 hds.), Wohlfahrt; joyous Peasant, Schumann; Playful Rondo, Greene; The Hobgoblins, Nurnberg; The First Ball, Lichner; Tulip, Lichner; The Way Thro’ the Wood (song), Dolby; Venetian Gondoleid, Mendelssohn; Polonaise Militaire, Chopin.

Pupils of Miss Gorse.
Waltz from “Children’s Ball” (8 hds.), Terschak; Busy Little Bee (8 hds.); Alexander March (8 hds.), Schwalm; Clatter, Clatter (8 hds.), Breslauer; Wake Up, Little Daisies (8 hds.), Ellsworth; Pasquinata, Ambrose; Boy’s Merry Go Round, Gade; Little Flyaway, Sartorio; Fragrance of May, Virgil; Polish Dance, Thoma; Valse, Chopin; Gypsie Rondo (4 hds.), Haydn; Nachtstück, Schumann; Scotch Poem, MacDowell; Etude, Op. 22, Wollenhaupt; Les Sylvains, Chaminade; Poet and Peasant, Suppe; Etude, Duvernoy; Spinning Song, Mendelssohn; Minuet (6 hds.), Boccherini.

Pupils of Miss Olive S. Oakes.
Valse, E Flat, Durand; Souvenir, Op. 130, Lack; Murmuring Brook, Bohm; Boat Song, Norris; Gavotte, B Flat, Handel; Farewell, Read; Gypsies, Eggeling; Dollie’s Dream and Awakening (Cradle Song—The Dream—The Dance), Oesten; Valse Ondulante, Binet; Largo (4 hds.), Handel.

Pupils of Mrs. Frederick Heiser.
Concerto in D, Bach; Variations on a Theme (2 pianos), Beethoven-Saint-Saens ; Sonata Patheiique (2 pianos), Beethoven- Henselt; Concerto in D Maior, Beethoven; Concerto E Minor, Chopin; Rondo Op. 73, (2 pianos), Chopin.

Pupils of Mrs. E. E. Gore.
Jolly Guardsman March (4 hds.), Mutter; In May, Behr; The Forest Echo, Lynes; Waltz, Seeley; Spinning Song, Ellmenreich; Allegretto. Clementi; The Mill, Jensen; Elfin Dance, Smith; Gipsy Maiden (4 hds.), Behr; Elfin Dance, Jensen; Meditation, Morrison; Iris, Pfeffercorn; Pelham Gavotte, Mosby; Nocturne, Leybach; Silver Stars, Mazurka, Bohm; Valse Brillante, Eggeling; Dance of the Nymphs, Fischer; Rhapsodie Hongroise No. 6, Liszt.

Pupils of Miss Louise Fisher.
Merry Wives of Windsor (8 hds.), Nicolai; Air de Ballet, Chaminade; Freischutz (6 hds.), Weber-Alberti; Tarantelle (4 hds.), Heller; Fantasie (12 hds.), Mozart; To a Wild Rose, MacDowell; Song Without Words, Op. 30, No. 3, Mendelssohn; Galop-Marche (8 hds.), Lavignac; La Balladine (4 hds.), Lysberg; Sextette (12 hds.), Bachmann; Pasquinade, Gottschalk-Joseffy; Marche Militaire, Op. 51, No. 1 (8 hcls.), Schubert; Polonaise, Op. 40, No. 1, Chopin; Valse de Concert, Wieniawski; Rondo Brilliante (with second piano), Mendelssohn; Faust Waltz, Gounod-Liszt.

Pupils of Adeline L. Pratt.
Under the Double Eagle (4 hds.), Wagner; Dream Fairies, Ducelle; Merry Bobolink, Krogmann; Etude, Beyer; The Little Prince, Krogmann; Good Morning, Everybody (song), Spaulding; Dance of the Wood Sprites, Forman; Printemps (4 hds.), Dourville; Autumn Days (4 hds.), Lindsay; The Young Trumpeter, Spaulding; Mitzi Katzchen (8 hds.), Behr; La Chasse Aux Gazelles (4 hds.). Calvini; Dance of the Demons, Hoist; Serenata, Turner; Star of the Sea, Kennedy; Consolation, Kirchner; Tiddledy Winks; Four Leaved Clovers, Orth; The Pixies in the Indian Village; The Pixies’ Prize Song, The Melancholy Pixie, Brown; Slumber Song (4 hds.); Rustic Dance (4 hds.), Dourville ; Moon Moths, Kussner; Apple Blosoms, Engelmann; Les Marguerites, La Fontaine; Galop de Concert (8 hds.), Milde.

Pupils of Miss Ella Sieber.
Evening Song (4 hds), Krogmann; The Little Patriot March (4 hds), Krogmann; Message of the Flowers, Hackh; In Happy Mood, Behr; Song of the Sea Shell, Krogmann; My First Waltz, Engelmann; The Bird’s Lullaby, Read; Little Dutch Doll, Krogmann; The Merry Bobolink. Krogmann; Crossing the Ferry, Read; Little Sister’s Waltz (violin), Lindsay; Dance of the Dewdrops, Ducelle; The Pixies Waltzing, Brown; Scale Waltz, McIntyre; Raillery, Engelmann; Mermaid’s Dance, Henschel; The Little Wanderer, Lange; In Sunny Spain, Zimmermann; Holiday in the Village, Heins; In Blooming Meadows (4 hds), Rive King; In the Dell, Waddington; Thoughts of Home, Heins; Murmurmg Brooklet, Sartorio; The Pixies Slicing Down Hill, Brown; Serenade, Koelling; Sur La Rive, Roeckel; Waltz in A, Paul Jakel; A Day of Sunshine, Hennes.

Pupils of Edwin Hoek.
Poet and Peasant Overture (4 hds), Suppe; Angels’ Dream, Lange; Valse Brillante, Op. 34 No. 1, Chopin; Largo, Violin, Piano, Organ, Handel-Wilhelmj; Sonata, Op. 31, No. 3, Beethoven; Qui Vive Galop (4 hds) Ganz; Introduction et Polonaise, Allen; Menuet, Paderwski (sic); Rhapsodie Hongroise No. 2, Liszt.

Pupils of William A. Wolf.
Three Pictures from Youth, Op. 400 (4 hds), Sartorio; Petite Valse. Denneé; March of the Dwarfs, Foerster; Before the Monkey House, Freytag; Menuet, Blumenschein; Butterfly, Merkel; Hunting Scene Valse in F (2 pianos), Gurlitt; Sonata in F, Mozart; Swing Song, Lynes; Intermezzo, Denneé; Sonata in B flat (2 pianos), Clementi.

Pupils of Mr. Louis Arthur Russell.
Torchlight March (4 pianos), Meyerbeer; Ballet and Entr’ Act (Rosamonde), Ensemble, Schubert; Aria for Soprano (Linda), Donizetti; Two Minuettos, Ensemble, Boccherini, Mozart; Two Spanish Dances (3 pianos), Moszkowski; Tannhauser March, Wagner-Liszt; Polish Dance, Ensemble, Scharwenka; Polonaise Militaire (3 pianos), Chopin; Mazurka in B Minor (2 pianos), Chopin; Polonaise de Concert (2 pianos), Schulhoff; Danse Orientale, Steherbatcheff; Arias for Soprano (Osterio), Lillo; (Philemon and Baucis), Gounod; Magic Fire Music, Wagner- Brassin; Pizzicatti Polka, Delibes-Joseffy; Ballet Music (Boabdil), Moszkowski.

Pupils of Mrs. Lizzie Christy Wright.
Butterfly, Merkel; Summer, Lichner; Petite Waltz, Denneé; On the Meadow, Lichner; Iris, Pfefferkorn; Austrian Song, Pacher; “Oh Thou Sublime Sweet Evening Star,” Wagner-Low; Duo, Rondo Brillante, Mohr; Murmuring Zephyrs, Jensen-Niemann; Concerto in C, Mozart; Fantasie, Op. 28, Mendelssohn; Polacca Brilliante, Von Weber.

Pupils of Miss Edith W. Page.
The Joyous Return (4 hds), Ringuet; A Lovely Floweret, Mathews ; The First Waltz, Mathews; • Sing, Robin, Sing, Spaulding; Flower Waltz, Parlow; A Lively Dance (4 hds), Mathews; To the Front, Schild; A Shower of Leaves, Hofmann; The Jack Tar, Maxim; Dixie Land, with “Variations, Lindsay; Flag Day March (4 hds), Fearis; The Water Wheel, Lyne; Joy and Frolic, Giuliani; The Scottish Belles Waltzes, Ryder; The Parade (4 hds), Koelling; Grande Polka de Concert, Bartlett; When the Lights are Low (4 hds), Engelmann; Dance of the Wood Sprites, Forman; The Doll’s Dream, Oesten; A Garden Dance, LaFarge; In Festal Array (4 hds), Engelmann; The Mill at Sans Souci, Necke; A Darktown Frolic, Sudds; Rosamonde Mazurka, Rathbun; The Bells of Seville (Song), Jude; Martha, Dorn; The Wayside Brook, Smith; The Swallow’s Message, Seybold; Marche (6 hds), Streabbog; Sounds of Springtime, Wenzel; Fanfare, from William Tell (4 hds), Rossini.

Pupils of Mrs. R. W. Bullock.
Sonata No. 1 (2 pianos), Clementi; Bells in the Dale, Koelling; Duets Nos. 3 and 4, Diabelli; The Gondolier’s Song, Krogmann; Fairy Footsteps, Farrar; Dance of the Marionettes, Arnold; Goodbye, My Highland Lass, Goodbye, Goerdeler; Qui Vive (4 hds), Ganz; Gondolied, Oesten; At the Fountain, Koelling; Invitation to the Dance, Weber; The Trout, Schubert-Heller; Over Hill and Dale (8 hds), Engelmann; March (2 pianos), Wagner-Messager.

Pupils of Miss Fay Marshall.
Japanese Doll, Spaulding; The Hobby Horse, Gurlitt; The Monkey and the Elephant (Marche Grotesque), Farrar; Right and Left, Spaulding; The Little Prince (4 hds), Krogmann; Frolic of the Milkmaids, Spaulding; Bright Butterflies, Fink; Dolly’s Fast Asleep, Spaulding; March of the Sleepy-Heads, Spaulding; Galop (4 hds), Hoist; Sweet Clover, Bed-time Song, Rogers; Warum (Why)? Schumann; Silver Stars, Bohm; Melody in F, Rubinstein; The Wanderer, In the Spring, Grieg; Persian March (4 hds), de Kontski.

Pupils of Rowe’s Conservatory.
“Einzug de Gaste,” Tannhauser (2 pianos), Wagner; Prelude and Fugue, C Major, Bach; Nocturne Op. 9, No. 2, Chopin; “Cujus Animam,” Rossini; Fugue, E Major, Bach; Sonata (violin and piano), Dussek; Etude (Butterfly), Op. 25, No. 9, Chopin; Rigoletto, Liszt; Sonata (violin and piano), No. 18, Mozart; Rhapsodie Hongroise No. 2, Liszt.

Pupils of H. Glenn Henderson.
Il Trovatore, Dorn; Moonlight Reverie, Allen; La Venetienne (4 hds), Ringuet; Slumber Song, Gurlitt; Dorothy (Old English Dance), Smith; By The Fireside, Fearis; Love’s Sigh, Engelmann; A May Day (4 hds). Rathbun; Pure as Snow, Lange; Dance of the Wildflowers, Wenrich; Valse in E flat, Durand; Bridal Roses, Spaulding; Hilarity, Lichner; Tarantella, Heller; Le Carillon (4 hds), Ringuet; The Fountain, Koelling; Valse Styrienne, Wollenhaupt; In Festal Array (4 hds), Engelmann; Valse Arabesque, Lack; Hungarian Rhapsodie No. 2, Liszt.

Pupils of Louis Lazarzon.
“Over Hill and Dale” (4 hds), Engelmann; “Iris,” Valse, Renard; “Dance of Automatons,” Lerman; “Flower Song,” Lange; “Melody of Love,” Engelmann; “Flight of the Swallows” (6 hds), Lange; “Fair Valse,” Streabbog; “The Dancing Girl,” Heins; “Just a Dream,” Ferber; “Cleopatra,” Petrie; “La Cinquantaine,” Gabriel-Marie; “Anitra’s Dance” (4 hds), Grieg; “Tarantella,” Aletter; “La Czarina Mazurka,” Ganne; “Sounds of the Ball,” Gillett; “Spring Song.” Mendelssohn; “Spanish Dance,” Op. 12, No. 2, (4 hds), Moszkowski; “Intermezzo,” Cavalleria Rusticana. Mascagni; “Valse,” Chopin; “Valse Arabesque,” Lack; “Naila,” Spanish Dance (4 hds), Delibes.

Pupils of W. L. Blumenschein.
Prelude and Fugue, G minor, Bach; Kreisleriana, Schumann; Nocturne (for the left hand alone), Scriabine; Polichinelle, Rachmannioff (sic); Scotch Poem, MacDowell; The Shepherd Boy, MacDowell; The Postwaggon, MacDowell; Polonaise Brillante,  Blumenschein; Schergo (sic), B flat minor, Chopin.


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