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Recital Programs


Pupils of Columbia Conservatory of Music. 
O’ Thou Beloved Evening Star, Wagner; German Triumphal March, Kunkel; Adoration (Violin), Borowski; Mona (Vocal), Adams; Seguidilla, Bohm; La Papillon, Lavallée; Midsummer Night Dream, Mendelssohn; Valse Caprice, Newland; Les Hirondelles, Bachmann.

Pupils of Miss Morgan.
La Cinquantaine (4 hds.), Gabriel-Marie; Polka in C, Gabriel; Mandolinata, E. Paladilhe; Will-o’-the-Wisp, Jungmann; Caprice, Op. 270 (8 hds.), Engelmann; Eventide, Op. 131 (4 hds.), Delibes; Study, Op. 169, Gänschals; Gipsy Rondo (6 hds.), Haydn; Air from Tannhäuser, Wagner; Colombine, Op. 16, Bereny; March, Op. 39, No. 1 (8 hds), Hollander.

Pupils of Arthur Allen.
Sonnet, Lack; Polonaise, Schmoll; Pilgrims’ Chorus, Wagner; Bolero, Ravina; Canzonetta, Bohm; Barcarolle, Rubinstein; Toccata, Paradies; Nocturne, Krzyzanowski; Second Waltz, Godard; Elegie, Nollet; Tarantelle, Rubinstein.

Pupils of Mordaunt Goodnough.
Scherzo in E flat Minor, Op. 4, Brahms; Impromptu, Op. 90, No. 4, Schubert; In Autumn, McDowell; To a Water-lily, McDowell; Marche Grotesque. Sinding; Momento Gioioso, Moszkowski; Tannhäuser March, Wagner-Liszt; Waltz, C-sharp minor, Chopin; Black Key Study, Chopin; Gnomenreigen, Liszt; Air de Ballet, G major, Chaminade; Gavotte, B-minor, Bach; Waldesrauschen, Liszt.

Vocal Pupils of Annie L. Lugrin.
Meadow Sweet, Brewer; April Rain, Woodman; Now High, Now Low, Manning; I Know of Two Bright Eyes, Clutsam; Carmena, Lane-Wilson; Cavalier’s Song, Allitsen; Where the Heart Is, Oley Speaks; I’m Wear in’ Awa’, Jean, Foote; A Norwegian Song, Loge; Break, Break, Break, Manning; When in Thy Dear Eyes I Gaze, Hammond; The Lovely Month of May, Hammond; Song of the Vikings (Chorus), Faning.

Pupils of Arnold N. de Lewinski.
Nocturne, Kölling; Valse—C-sharp minor, Chopin; Impromptu, Raff; Polka Bohême, Rubinstein; Staccato Caprice, Vogrich; Moonlight Sonata, Beethoven; Andante Caprice, Mendelssohn; Valse—G-flat major, Chopin; Papillons, Grieg; La Chasse, Mendelssohn; La Fileuse, Raff; Rondo Brilliant, Weber; Impromptu, Chopin.

Pupils of Mrs. Lillian B. Read.
In Festal Array (4 hds), Engelmann; Clover Bloom, Stults; The Pixies’ Drill, Brown; Nodding Daisies, Intermezzo, Fearis; Playing Tag, Margstein, Swing Song, Ferber; The Little Corporal, Rathbun; Nocturne, Decevee; Meadow Play (4 hds.), Hiller; In Happy Mood, Behr; Primrose, Goerdeler; Come Dance With Me, (4 hds), Webb; Sextet from Lucia (4 hds.), Donizetti; Call Me Back (Song), Denza; On With the Polonaise, Tourbié; Cerisette, Phillie; Dance Militaire, Engelmann; Silver Thistle, Ketterer; Grand Polka De Concert, Bartlett; Tarantelle, Smith; Krauskopfchen (6 hds), Kramer.

Pupils of Edwin R. Hart.
O’ Thou Beloved Evening Star, Wagner; German Triumphal March, Kunkle; Adoration (violin), Borowski; Mona, (song), Adams; Carnival of Venice, Smith; Seguidilla, Bohm; La Papillon, Lavallée; As Sings the Lark (song), Bischoff; Mid-Summer Night’s Dream, Mendelssohn; Valse Caprice, Newland; Les Hirondelles, Bachmann.

Pupils of Grenville Commoss.
Marche Celebre (First Suite) Op. 113 (4 hds.), Lachner; Galop, Of). 12, No. 6, Gurlitt; Valse, Brown; Dance of the Water Nymphs, Long; Butterfly, Op. 81, No. 4, Merkel; Hungarian Dance, Op. 166, No. 4 (4 hds.), Wolff; Danse Ukraine (4 hds.) Kirchner; Fantasia in D-minor, Mozart; Valse in E-flat, Op. 18, Chopin; Idyl, Op. 81, Kern; Lullaby (Berceuse), Lacombe; Valse in E, Op. 34, No. 1, Moszkowski; Impromptu in C-sharp minor, Op. 28, No. 3, Reinhold; Twilight on the Mountain, Rathbun; Shower of Stars, Wachs; Moorish Dance, Op. 4, No. 2. Kaiser; Matushka, Op. 2, No. 1, Engel; Second Mazurka, Op. 54, Godard; Valse Arabesque, Lack; Etude, Op. 18, No. 3, Moszkowski; Album Leaf, Kirchner; Mazurka in B-minor, Op. 40, No. 2, Meyer-Helmund; Etude in A-flat, Op. 22, No. 1, Wollenhaupt; Fanfare (William Tell) (4 hds.), Rossini.

Pupils of Helena D. Maguire.
Polonaise (8 hds.), Glinka; Good Moon that Glides so Gently, Porter; Fairy Boat Song, Ducelle; Allegro Brillante (4 hds.), Low; The Gold Bug’s Dance, Burgmüller; The Avalanche, Heller; March (8 hds.), Mohr; The Swallows, Burgmüller; The Waltzing Doll, Poldini; Minuette de l’Arlesienne (8 hds.), Bizet; Andante and Rondo, Rosenhain; The Awakening of Spring, Moelling; Excerpt from Concerto in C-major, Beethoven; Reverie, Strauss; Etude de Style, Ravina; Butterflies, Lavallée; Troika Ride (4 hds.), Tschaikowsky; A Love Dream, Liszt; Prelude in D-flat major, Chopin; Waltz in C-sharp minor, Chopin; Spanish Dance (8 hds.), Moszkowski.

Pupils of Gertrude D. Watts.
A Sunny Morning, Norris; Golden Stars (4 hds.), Streabbog; Pensionats Freunden (4 hds.), Kramer; Rustic Dance (4 hds.), Schnecker; Carolina Ripple, Mayer; Rosamunde (8 hds.), Schubert; Romance, Rubinstein; Minuet (4 hds.), Paderewski; Hungarian Rhapsody, No. VI, Liszt; Spinnlied, Litolff; Slumber Song (8 hds.), Schumann.

Pupils of Neave Music School.
The Merry Skater (4 hds.), Zitterbart; Golden Star Waltz, Streabbog; The Brooklet, Ryder; Blue Bells Mazurka, Waddington; Mama’s Birthday Waltz, Horvath; The Rose, Bohm; Harmony of the Angels, Burgmüller; After the Banquet, Warren; Little Postillion, Streabbog; Spinning Song, Ellmenreich; First Dancer (4 hds.), Zitterbart; Rondo Mignon, Baumfelder; May Rapture, Lichner; Narcissus, Nevin; Thine Own, Lange; Little Bolero, Ravina; My Old Kentucky Home, Goerdeler; Love’s Longing, Queckenburg; En Valsant, Godard; Frolic of the Butterflies, Bohm; Sextett from Lucia, Donizetti; Norma Fantasie, Leybach; Second Waltz, Godard; Duett: Wind and Tide (4 hds.), Hewitt.

Pupils of Mildred K. Taylor.
Valse (6 hds.), Streabbog; Little Fairy Waltz, Streabbog; Sunshine Waltz, Geibel; Song of the Mill Wheel, Cloy; The Blacksmith Song, Boadman; Dreaming in the Glen, Mack; Simplicity, Suter; The Black Forest Clock, Op. 224, Heins; The Doll’s Dream, Oesten; The Child and the Bird, Otto; The Bell in the Valley, Hermann; Among the Clouds, Ollendorf; Dancing Spirits, Bohm; Two Thoughts: Grave, Gay, Arr. by Necke; Fluttering Leaves, Rolling; First Ball (4 hds.), Streabbog; Badinerie, Horvath; Twittering of the Sparrows, Hoist; Constant Devotion, Geibel; In the Rose Garden, Geibel; Caprice Bohemien, Op. 20, Lebierre; Moonlight on the Lake, Fearis; The Bird and the Minstrel, Harmston; Nightfall in the Forest, Hoist; Polonaise Brillante, Op. 177, Wilson; Clematis, Gilder; Columbine, Delahaye; Andante and Rondo, Rosenhain; Song of the Night Winds, Leybach; Two Larks, Leschetizky; La Papillon, Lavallée; Rondo Brillante, Op. 65, von Weber; Serenade Badine (6 hds.), Gabriel Marie.

Primary Pupils of Mrs. N. M. Perkins.
Melody in F, Rubinstein; Table Work with Songs, J. Mokrejs; What the Bells Say, Crosby-Adams; Lullaby; Robinson Crusoe, Trill; Baby’s Polka, Swift; Bagatelle, Baumfelder; Berceuse, Lacome; Witches (Wonderland Folk, No. 4), Rogers; Tyrolienne, Lichner; Scherzo, Bielfield; A Night in May, Behr; Kuckoo (In the Forest), Woolf; A Lively Time, Engelmann; Alpine Song, Ducelle; Spring Time (Song Cycle), Ashford.

Pupils of Miss Alice Beiderlinden.
Little Boy Blue March (4 hds.), Engelmann; Rose Waltz, Rosewig; Eunice Mazurka, Link; Shower of Roses, Streabbog; In Venice, Spindler; Pink Domino, Renard; Autumn, Spindler; Gaily Chanting Waltz, Behr; May Bells, No. 3; Spindler; Little Fortune Teller, Renard; Mischievous Boy, Gurlitt; Military March, Webb; Juanita, Folia; The Bee and the Clover, Geibel; Valse Noble, Gurlitt; Faust, Streabbog; Twilight Reverie, Guy; Spring Song, Mendelssohn; Sonata, Op. 49, No. 2, Beethoven; Tannhäuser March, Lange; Sonata, Op. 49, No. 1, Beethoven; With Song and Mirth, Bohm; Maypole Dance (4 hds.), Sydney Smith.

Pupils of Mr. Edward Hames Wass.
Overture, William Tell (8 hds.), Rossini; Polonaise, A-major, Chopin; Nocturne, G-major, Chopin; Prelude, C-sharp minor, Rachmaninoff; Waltz in E, Moszkowski; To a Water Lily, MacDowell; Pasquinade, Gottschalk; Marche Heroique (4 hds.), Saint-Säens; Titania, Wély; Rustle of Spring, Sinding; Butterfly, Grieg; Piano Quartet: Peer Gynt Suite (8 hds.), Grieg; Piano Suite (4 hds.), Bohm.

Pupils of Herndon Seminary.
Dolly’s Lullaby (4 hds.), Czerny; Who’ll Dance With Me, Holiday March, and A Little Flower, Presser; The Clock, Rathbun; Tyrolienne, Donizetti; Aria from Martha (4 hds.), Flotow; Robinson Crusoe, Trill; Waltz of the Forest Sprites, Mathews; Quadrille, Bohlman; Valse (4 hds.), Low; Carnation, Wolcott; Class Reception, Lindsay: A May Day (4 hds.), Rathbun; At Night, Gurlitt; Morning Song, Mendelssohn; In the Olden Days (4 hds.), Wachs; On With the Polonaise, Tourbie; March of the Flower Girls (4 hds.), Wachs; Beauties of Beethoven. Grove; Melody of Love (4 hds.), Engelmann; In Festal Array (4 hds.), Engelmann.

Pupils of Chas. Wakefield Cadman, Second and Third Grade.
How Sweet the Moonlight Sleeps, Decevée: Over the Waters Blue, Metzler; Caprice, Bachmann; Little Madcap (4 hds.), Schultz; New Spring, Lange; A Dream Melody, Janos; Lovely Nosegay (4 hds.), Schultz; Little Footsteps, Metzler; Twilight Thoughts, Cadman.

Pupils of Mrs. T. H. Withers.
Welcome, Op. 69, Gänschals; Festival March (4 hds.), Teilman; Valse, Op. 100, No. 2 (6 hds.), Streabbog; Danse Semplice (4 hds.), Rathbun; Polka Caprice (4 hds.), Schlesinger; Rosenfalter, Op. 590, No. 3, Franz Behr; Nodding Roses (4 hds.), Rand; Auf Der Wiese, Op. 95, No. 2, Lichner; March, Op. 6. No. 4 (4 hds.), Holcombe; Minstrel’s Serenade. Op. 330, No. 3 (4 hds.), Low: Mazurka, Op. 7, No. 1; Chopin; A Meadow Dance, Op. 85, No. 5 (4 hds.), Lichner; Second Valse Caprice. Op. 33, Eyer; Gipsy Rondo (6 hds.), Haydn.

Pupils of Calhoun Piano School.
Study, Op. 47, No. 3, Heller; To Begin with the Merry Mood, Von Wilm; Contentment, Gurlitt; Gavotte, Von Wilm; Slumber Song, Reinhold; Ghost Story, Kullak; Study from Op. 47, Heller; In the Garden (4 hds.) D’Ourville; Berceuse, Godard; Guirlandes, Godard; Serenade, Rubinstein; Dreaming, Schumann; Shadow Dance, MacDowell; Nocturne, Novelette, Schumann; Polonaise in A, Chopin; Evening Prayer, Von Wilm.

Pupils of Buford School of Music.
Les Yeux Creoles (4 hds.), Gottschalk; Valse Carnivalesque. Op. 73 (2 pianos, 4 hds), Chaminade; Overture Guillaume Tell, Op. 116 (4 hds.), Rossini; Polacca Brilliant (2 pianos, 8 hds), Webb; Grande Fantaisie de Concert, Op. 165 (2 pianos, 4 hds), Mendelssohn; Jerusalem, Op. 84 (2 pianos. 4 hds.), Gottschalk; Marche Orientale. Op. 92 (2 pianos, 4 hds.), Ketterer; Belisario, Op. 27 (2 pianos, 4 hds.), Donizetti; Marche Triomphale, Op. 91 (2 pianos. 4 hds). Goria; Rakoczy March, Rhapsodie No. 15 (2 pianos, 8 hds), Liszt.


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