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Home Notes.


The Monroe School of Music gave its seventeenth annual concert June 15. The Monroe Symphony Orchestra, Mr. A. W. Gale, director, assisted.

The Annual Concert of the Silliman Collegiate Institute gave its annual concert June 11. Miss L. L. Topping is director of the Music Department.

The Normal College of Music, Salem, Ore., Z. M. Parvin, director, gave its closing recital June 16-19. There were five graduates and two in the Teachers’ Course.

The Metropolitan Schools of Musical Art, Newark, N. J., and New York City, Mr. Louis Arthur Russell, director, gave a June series of recitals to close the work of the schools for the season of 1905-1906.

The Wesleyan College of Music, Bloomington, Ill., gave its tenth annual concert May 29.

Mr. Wm. F. Bentley, director of the choir of the Central Congregational Church, Galesburg, Ill., has sent us a copy of the year-book for 1905-1906. The choir has a membership of 115.

The Commencement recital of the Conservatory of Music, Wooster, Ohio, J. Lawrence Erb, director, was held June 11.

The Twenty-first Annual Commencement concert of the Knox Conservatory of Music, Galesburg, Ill., was held June 11. There were twelve graduates.

The American Conservatory, Chicago, held its annual Commencement exercises June 15. Sixty pupils received diplomas for piano, singing, dramatic art, elocution, physical culture, counterpoint, composition, violin and public school music. A very large number received certificates in various branches.

The Kroeger School of Music, St. Louis, held Commencement exercises June 14. There were fourteen graduates in the teachers’ course, two in the collegiate and three in the graduate.

The Commencement recital of the music department of the Montana Agricultural College was held June 8.

Mr. W. L. Blumenschein, Dayton, Ohio, gave his 258th-260th pupils’ recital. June 18-19. Forty-one pupils took part.

The Commencement exercises of the Detroit Conservatory of Music were held June 22. There were fifteen graduates, and five to receive teachers’ certificates.

The Sound Beach (Conn.) Choral Society gave Haydn’s “Creation” June 29, under the direction of Miss Lucy M. Marks.

The Chorus of the First Presbyterian Church, Hazleton, Pa., Mr. E. E. Howe, organist, gave a “Handel Evening” June 19. Choral selections from “Samson” and “The Messiah” and several instrumental numbers were rendered.

The Commencement of the Tennessee Academy of Music, F. J. Strahm, director, was held June 5.

The Graduating exercises of the Sickner Conservatory of Music were held June 12 and 13.

The Commencement concert of the Scio College Conservatory of Music, S. L. Bell, director, was held June 19. There were four graduates.

Mr. Kendall B. Cressey, organist of the First Congregational Church, Sioux Falls, S. Dak., gave two recitals in June last, playing works, with the exception of several by Mendelssohn, from modern composers.

The Walter Spry Piano School announces the engagement of Mr. Wilmot Lemont to take charge of the elementary department. Mr. Lemont, formerly of the Faelten Piano School, of Boston, will introduce the Faelten system into Chicago.

Mr. Wm. H. Pontius, the well-known American composer, will remove from Dubuque, Iowa, to Minneapolis, Minn., where he will fill the position of director of the Stanley Hall Conservatory of Music, Art, Oratory and Dramatic Art.


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