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Recital Programs

Recital by Mr. Perlee V. Jervis.
Momens Musicals, Schubert
Gavotte, Bach
Improvisation, Novelette, Scotch Poem, March Wind, MacDowell
Spring Murmurs, Sinding
Liebestraueme, Liszt
Silver Spring, Mason
Polonaise in E, Liszt.

Pupils of Broad Street Conservatory of Music, Philadelphia, Pa.
Novelette, op. 99, No. 9, Schumann
With Verdure Clad (“Creation”), Haydn
Guitarre, Moszkowski
Air Varie No. 5 (Violin), de Beriot
Gavotte in B-minor, Bach
Aubade (Harp), Hasselman
Valse, Op. 34, No. 1, Chopin
Barcarolle No. 5, Rubinstein
A May Morning (Vocal), Denza.

Pupils of F. L. Donelson.
Tarantelle (Four Hands), J. Trousselle
Dance Impromptu, Op. 15, F. G. Rathbun
In Fresh Green
Fields, T. Giese
Marche Facile, J. Rummel
Study in D, Op. 65, No. 22, Loeschhorn
Martha (Four
Hands), Streabbog
Melody in F, Rubinstein
Curious Story, Heller
The Sigh, J. Schad
Song Without Words, No. 4 (Confidence), Mendelssohn
The Dancing Darkey (Four Hands), G. L. Lansing
Mazurka, Op. 17, No. 1, Chopin
Christmastide, Polka Rondo, Rathbun
Les Sylphes (Four Hands), Bachmann.
Pupils of Frederick A. Williams.
Ruy Blas (Four Hands), Mendelssohn
Longing, Op. 34, No. 6, Sartorio
Playing Tag, Op. 29, No. 1, F. A. Williams
Valse Impromptu (Four Hands), Bachmann
Ballade, Op. 19, Leybach
Water-Sprites at Play, Op. 24, F. A. Williams
Valse, Op. 64, No. 1, Chopin
Call Me Back (Vocal), Denza
Stern, Op. 275, Bohm
Pourquoi? (Why?), Op. 54, Ascher
Fantasie Espagnole, Wachs
Last Hope,
Tarantelle, S. B. Mills.
Graduate Recital by Miss Maie Hastey.
Theme and Variations, Op. 54, Mendelssohn
Prelude, Op. 28, No. 15, Chopin
Etude, Op. 25, No. 9, Chopin
Gavotte, B-flat Major, Handel
Prelude, C-sharp Minor, Rachmaninoff
Rhapsodie Hongroise, No. 2, Liszt.

Graduate Recital by Miss Ella H. Zahn.
Pan’s Flutes, Godard
Rondeau Brillante, Op. 62, C. M. von Weber
Sonata, Op. 27, No. 2, C-sharp
Minor (“Moonlight”), Beethoven
Capriccio, B-minor, Op. 22, Mendelssohn
La Gazelle, Op. 22, Th. Kullak
Rigoletto, Morceau de Concert, Liszt
Last Hope (Religious Meditation), Gottschalk
Grande Polonaise in E-flat, Op. 22, Chopin.

Pupils of Walter S. Sprankle.
Sunshine, Gurlitt
Sequis Gavotte, Patrick
Cheerfulness, Lichner
Italian Song, Leduc
Pretty Lass, Pacher
Morning Gleams, Bohm
Water-Sprites, Williams
One Little Flower, Krug
La Syiphide, Lange
Amorettan Gavotte, Geibel
Waltz, Les Mertes, Wachs
Cujus Animam, Kuhe
Love’s Awakening, Moszkowski
Tarantelle, Mills
Second Valse, Godard
Funeral March, Chopin
Witches’ Dance, MacDowell.
Pupils of Western College Conservatory.
Allegretto Grazioso, Lichner
Papillon, Merkel
Minuet, Rondo all ‘Ongarese, Haydn
Etude in G, Moszkowski
Im Walde, Gade
Rondo, Op. 51, Beethoven
Soaring, Schumann
Sonata, Op. 24, Dussek
Wiegenlied, Kjerulf
Giocoso, Kirchner
Pas des Amphores, Chaminade
Rivulet, Heller
The Lake, Bennett
Feu Follet, de Grau
Schlummerlied, Schumann
Sonata, Op. 14, No. 2, Beethoven
Op. 90, No. 2, Schubert
Valse in E-minor, Chopin
Valse Mignonne, Schutt
Regatta Veneziana, Liszt
Impromptu, Op. 29, Chopin
Polische Tanze, Scharwenka.

Pupils of Harry N. Wiley.
Heather Rose, Lange
Fable, Schmoll
Glistening Dew Waltz, Friedrich
Bright Morning, Low
Hilarity, Lichner
Soldier’s March (Four Hands), Koelling
Ride a Cock Horse, Swift
The Fair, Ourlitt
Waltz of the Forest-Sprites, Krug
Hungarian Song (Four Hands), Behr
The Little Fairy, Waddington
Tyrolean Air, Wolfhart
The Beggar, Engelman
Dance of the Sylphs, Hems
Norwegian March, Schytte
Swallow, Schmoll
Elfin Dance, Hems
Snow Maiden, Bendel
Country Dance (Four Hands), Sartorio
Song of the Peasant, Rendando
Butterfly, Lavallée
Impromptu, Reinhold
Der Freischfltz (Six Hands), Weber-Krug.
Pupils of Clarence E. Krinbill.
Scherzino (Four Hands), Giese
Paper, The Correlation of Music and the Other Arts
Premiere Fête (Four Hands), Mercier
Paper, Liszt, Rossini, and the Opera
Nocturno, Liszt
La Lisonjera, Chaminade
Serenade, Schubert-Liszt.

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