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Dr. Charles R. Fisher is giving a series of piano-forte-recital talks in the Western College Conserva­tory of Music. The leading classical and modern composers are represented in the program.

Miss Clara Maclean and her pupils gave a Schu­mann recital last month, at Oakland, Cal. A sketch of the life and works of the composer was read, and an examination was then held on the subject.

Mr. C. H. H. Sippel, of the Utica Conservatory of Music, played the inaugural recital on the new organ in the Presbyterian Church in Delhi, N. Y.

The Indiana Music-Teachers’ Association is pub­lishing an interesting paper for the members entitled The Musical Mirror.

Miss Fannie Cummins, formerly in the govern­ment schools in the Indian Territory, has connected herself with the Stevensville, Mont., Training-school, and will have charge of the musical instruction.

Mr. William J. Hall, of Minneapolis, gave an inaugural organ-recital in the Calvary Baptist Church, Omaha, Neb., November 7th.

The students of the Southern Conservatory of Music, Durham, N. C., are publishing a bright little musical paper called Notes.

The Annual Faculty Concert of the Sherwood Music-School, Chicago, was given November 12th, in the Fine Arts Building.

Mr. Ernest Hutcheson, pianist, a member of the faculty of the Peabody Conservatory of Music, Balti­more, has had a pronounced success in several con­certs of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Mr. Hutcheson is an Australian by birth.

Mr. Constantin von Sternberg gave a Recital Conversazione at the Knox Conservatory of Music, Galesburg, Ill., November 14th.

Some of the advanced pupils and the Students’ Symphony Orchestra of the Broad Street Conserva­tory of Music, Philadelphia, gave a concert November 22d, under the direction of Mr. Gilbert R. Combs.

Mr. W. L. Blumenschein sends a list of the works performed by the Dayton, 0., Philharmonic Society, under his direction during the past twenty-one years. It includes practically all the standard choral works and a large number of orchestral compositions. This society has a record that entitles it to rank among the best organizations in the country.

Mr. W. D. Armstrong, of Alton, Ill., is organist of the Church of the Unity, St. Louis, Mo.

The Progressive Pianoforte-Club, composed of the more advanced pupils of J. M. Dungan, Director of the Indianapolis Piano College, Indianapolis, Ind., rendered the first of a series of Historical Recitals November 29th. The program was composed entirely of the old suites of Bach and Handel. Introducing the program, Mr. Dungan gave a talk on the suite.

The Trenton Monday Musical Club, under the di­rection of Mr. Charles S. Skilton, fifty female voices, gave their first concert of the season, November 26th.

A Students’ Recital was given in Mr. Ad. M. Foerster’s studio, Pittsburgh, December 4th.

Mr. F. H. Wright, organist, has been giving a series of recitals in the Trinity Cathedral, Omaha, Neb.

The annual fall initiation ceremonies of Alpha Chapter, Sinfonia Fraternity, were held at the New England Conservatory of Music, in November last. The national convention will meet in Philadelphia next April.

A service commemorating Mr. Frederick N. Shack- ley’s fifth year of service as organist and choirmaster of the Church of the Ascension, Boston, was held December 8th.

The Zielinski Trio Club gave a series of recitals throughout Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania during the weeks of November 25th and December 2d. An interesting pupils’ recital was given at Mr. Zielinski’s studio in Buffalo, November 14th.

Mrs. Lulu Potter-Rich, of Altoona, Pa., has or­ganized the Cecilia Quartet (female voices), which will be assisted in concerts by Miss Helen M. Miller, reader.

Messrs. Emil Liebling, pianist, and Harrison M. Wild, organist, gave an enjoyable concert in the Con­gregational Church, Lake Geneva, Wis., December 12th.

Miss Mary E. Hallock, pianist, of Philadelphia, gave a successful recital in New York City in Novem­ber last. The leading critics reviewed her work very favorably.

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