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[Under this head we will publish selected lists of standard pieces to show what are being used by teachers.]

Pupils of the Hanmer School of Music.
Awakening of the Lion, de Kontski; Songs Without Words: (a) Spinning Song, (b) Spring Song, Mendelssohn; Cavatina, Raff; Invitation to the Dance, Weber; Waltz, Jolly Fellows, Vollsbedt; Träumerei, Schumann; She Alone Charmeth My Sadness, Gounod; Bedouin Love-Song, Hawley; La Bohème, Sternberg; Concert Polonaise, Hahn.

Mr. George Pratt Maxim.
Impromptu, G-major, opus 90, No. 3, Schubert; Sonata, C-sharp minor, opus 27, No. 2 (Moonlight), Beethoven; Rhapsodie, G-minor, opus 79, No. 2, Brahms; Intermezzo, E-flat major, opus 117, No. 1, Brahms; Fantasie, Impromptu, C-sharp minor, opus 66, Nocturne, F-sharp minor, opus 48, No. 2, Scherzo, B-minor, opus 20, Chopin.

Pupils of Miss Minnie Diederich.
On the Journey, Heins; Gavotte, Neustedt; Frogs’ Carnival, Eilenberg; The Return, Heins; Forget-Me-Not, Lichner; Off to the War (four hands), Löw; Birds in the Woods, Fairy Tale, L. Schotte; Gipsy Rondo, Haydn; Berceuse, Van Laer; Scherzino (four hands), Th. Giese; Tarantelle, Sohmer; Brooklet, Heller; Capricietto, P. Seharwenka; Fur Elise, Beethoven; Mazurka (second), Godard; Prelude to “Lohengrin” (two pianos), Wagner-Sandré; Loreley, F. Liszt; Valse Arabesque, Th. Lack; Tarantelle (two pianos), Raff.

Pupils of Mrs. Hattie Gans.
Barcarolle, F. Behr, opus 515, No. 5; Elfin Dance, Th. Moelling; The Farmer (Action Song), F. C. Robinson; The Reverie of an Exile, H. Heckman, opus 1; Margaretha, Polka Mazurka, E. Krutzer, opus 7, No. 8; The Rain (Song), Marion Osgood; Remembrance of Carlsbad, Franz Reif; Le Chant du Bivouac, E. Ketterer, opus 134; I’ll Tell You That I Love You, Petrie; Il Corricolo Galop, Durand de Grau; Violet Waltz, S. Streabbog; The Blacksmith (Descriptive), Heins, opus 241; Departed Days, L. Loomis; Maiden’s Blush Waltz, C. Kinkel; A Song of Dawn, Frances Allitsen; Forest-Scenes (Musical Sketch; duo), B. F. McDowell, opus 92.

Pupils of Mrs. W. E. Neave.
On the Play-Ground, Lichner; Arabesque, Burgmüller; Spinning Song, Elmenreich; On the Meadow, Lichner; Azalea, Waltz (four hands), Webb; Valse No. 2, Godard; Floating Sounds, Sudds; Polka de la Cour, Bendel; Postillion d’Amour (four hands), Behr; Cloister-Bells, Read; Farewell to the Aim, Lange; Il Pensieroso, Mohr; Spring Song, Merkel; Valse Lente, Dolmetsch; The Palms, Leybach; Polka de la Reine, Raff; Giralda Mazurka, Wohlfahrt; Feu Roulant (two pianos), Duvernoy; Marche Triomphale (two pianos), Goria; Drifting, Bechtel.

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