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Mr. W. S. B. Mathews has added to the courses of his school in the Auditorium, Chicago, a “Class in Composers,” which will be devoted to the more prominent compositions of Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, and other classical writers.

Mr. William J. Rickaby has opened a conservatory in Sioux Falls, S. D.

Mr. Emil Fischer, late basso of the Metropolitan Opera Company, New York City, has opened a studio for vocal pupils.

Mr. Joseph Vilim, of Chicago, has organized a trio and quartet, and will make a specialty of chamber-music recitals.

Mr. Otto Pfefferkorn has accepted the position as head of the piano-department of the Gottschalk Lyric School, of Chicago. He will make a specialty of lecture-recitals this season.

Baylor Female College, of Texas, reports quite an increase in the number of students, among them quite a number of music-teachers. The music-school is under the direction of Dr. Eugene E. Davis.

The musical picture classes, given by the Misses Crawford, of Brooklyn, last season, were so much enjoyed that a second series has been prepared for this fall and winter. Mr. Henry Holden Huss will assist.

The Pittsburgh Leader of October 20th contains an account of an autograph collection of famous musicians, the property of Mr. Ad. M. Foerster, among which photographs of Richard Wagner and Franz Liszt are especially noteworthy; also a letter from Adelina Patti.

Mr. A. D. Badfors has arranged for a series of forty-one organ-recitals to be given in the chapel of Augustana College, Ill.

Mr. Claud J. Nettleton, of Table College, Iowa, has arranged some interesting recitals with the help of the members of the faculty.

Mr. Robert Thallon commenced his sixteenth series of piano-recitals October 7th. This was the six hundred and thirty-first concert. He will be assisted by eminent artists of New York City and Brooklyn.

Mr. W. I. Andruss, formerly of Doane College, Nebraska, has accepted a call to the position of Director of Music in Pomona College, California.

We have received the catalogue of the Conservatory of Music of Hedding College, Ill., of which Endora M. Esterbrook is dean.

Mr. Robert Coverley, the well-known composer, is in London, superintending the rehearsals of his new comic opera, which will shortly be produced at the Shaftesbury Avenue Theater.

Mr. Harry Girard, who has won recognition as a composer, under the name of “Victor Kemp,” has just finished a new work, to be issued this fall, a “symphonic song-cycle,” with text by Mr. William H. Gardner, of Boston.

Mr. S. M. Fabian, formerly of Baltimore, Md., has removed to New York City, and will be identified with Clavier Piano-School.

Dr. Henry G. Hanchett reports a successful summer season at the Monteagle, Tenn., Assembly. He had fifty students in his class and a chorus of ninety-nine; twelve concerts a week were given. His analytical recitals are highly esteemed by schools and clubs. This season he has set aside January and February for a special tour. When his present season’s engagements with the Brooklyn Institute are concluded he will have given one hundred and five recitals before that body.

Mrs. Raymond Brown, of New York City, has arranged a series of talks on the music-dramas of Richard Wagner. She has planned a course of study for listeners which is attracting attention.

The Faelten Pianoforte-School has removed to Huntington Avenue, close by the Public Library, in order to secure larger accommodations.

Mr. W. D. Armstrong formally opened the new Priest Memorial Organ in the First M. E. Church, Alton, Ill., September 16th. Mr. Armstrong wrote a “Dedication March” specially for the occasion.

We are pleased to report the marked success of Miss Helene Koelling, daughter of Mr. Carl Koelling, of Chicago, whose compositions are well known to The Etude readers, in her work in Berlin, where she is studying for grand opera, under Madame Etelka Gerster. Berlin critics have given her high commendation.

William H. Sherwood, the great pianist, returned from Chautauqua, N. Y., last Wednesday, where he has completed his thirteenth season as director of the piano-department at that famous resort. Mr. Sherwood gave nine piano-recitals in the great amphitheater during the summer, the remainder of his entire time being devoted to teaching.

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