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[Under this head we will publish selected lists of standard pieces to show what are being used by teachers.]

Pupils of Carl J. Finger.
Tarantella (two pianos), Raff; Basso Ostinato, Arensky; Berceuse, Chopin; Etude de Style, Ravina; Grand Hungarian Fantasia (two pianos), Liszt; Nel Cor Piu, Beethoven; Sonata in D (two pianos), Mozart; Isolee: Reverie (left hand alone), Ravina; Valse d’Adele (left hand), Zichy; Allegro from Concerto in B-flat (two pianos), Beethoven; Etude de Concert, Lavalleé; Hark! Hark! the Lark, Schubert-Liszt; Campanella, Paganini-Liszt.

Mrs. Lorena Hood-Fenn.
Melodie, Moszkowski; Toccata, Dupont; Elegie, Nollét; Villanella, Raff; Simple Aven, Thomé; La Cinquantaine, Gabriel Marie; Chant sans Paroles, Tschaikowsky; Polonaise in E, Liszt.

Pupils of Miss Minetta Buchner.
Norwegian Dance, Grieg; Curious Story, Heller; Polka Caprice, Zitterbart; Paquerette, Beaumont; By the Brookside, Tours; Meditation, Morrison; Marche Romaine, Gounod; L’Amazone Mazurka, Goldbeck; Second Valse, Godard; Silver Star Mazurka, Bohm; To a Wild Rose, Macdowell; Dancing Sea-Spray, Holst; Invention No. 8, Bach; Faust Valse, Gounod-Lange; Rhapsodie Hongroise, No. 2, Liszt; Fruhlingsräuschen, Sinding; Under the Leaves, Thomé; Wedding March (four hands), Mendelssohn.

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