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Home Notes


The first concert of the Beethoven Chamber-Music Club, Duluth, Minn., assisted by Miss Mary Lyer Bradshaw, contralto, took place January 18th.

The Ashtabula, 0., Oratorio Society gave Rossini’s “Stabat Mater” last month. Mr. W. H. Luethi is the director.

The Buffalo Trio Club—Mr. Jaroslaw de Zielinski, pianist and director; Mr. George A. Goold, violinist; Mr. T. Amesbury Goold, ‘cellist—gave their first concert of this season, January 9th, assisted by Mr. Robert Burton, tenor. The principal numbers of the program were Goldmark’s “Trio in G-minor,” opus 33, and Smetana’s in G minor, opus 15. Mr. Zielinski also gave a recital at Olean, N. Y., January 15th.

A military concert-band department, under the direction of Mr. Herman Bellstedt, has been added to the Cincinnati Auditorium School of Music.

In the playing tests before Mr. Carl Faelten and faculty of the Faelten Pianoforte School, Boston, 272 pupils took part, 262 playing their pieces from memory; included in the list were 28 sonatas, 7 suites, and 607 other pieces.

Two of Mr. Herve D. Wilkins’s pupils, Misses Blanche and Ruby Powell, gave a piano and song recital in Mr. Wilkins’s studio, at Rochester, N. Y., January 17th.

Mr. Abel R. Taylor arranged an interesting musicale, which was given in College Hall, Bordentown, N. J., December 21st.

Prof. H. C. Macdougall, of Wellesley College, is making quite a feature of the music for the Sabbath evening services.

Mr. Franklin Sonnakolb, of New York, gave a well-arranged piano recital in the Carmel Presbyterian Church, Edge Hill, Pa., January 8th.

We have received the musical-service leaflet of the Church of St. John the Evangelist, St. Paul, Minn., of which Mr. George H. Fairclough was appointed organist.

Mr. A. D. Bodfors, of the Augustana Conservatory, Rock Island, Ill., gave a well-selected organ recital last month.

The program for the first public concert of the Manuscript Society of New York, for the season, given in Mendelssohn Hall, January 19th, had a number of novelties. A full orchestra was used.

Mr. E. R. Kroeger’s second lecture-recital was given in the Odeon, St. Louis, January 9th. Beethoven was the subject. Movements from sonatas opus 2, No. 1; opus 31, No. 3; and opus 101 were played.

Edward Baxter Perry returned to Boston for the holidays after a tour of forty-five concerts and recitals in the Western States. He started the first of January on a Southern tour of seven weeks, to be followed by a trip in the New England and Middle States. Mr. Perry will fill a hundred and five engagements between October 17th and the first of April, which is the largest number of concerts ever played by any pianist in the same length of time.

Dr. Henry G. Hanchett’s analytical lecture recitals are a feature of the musical work of the Brooklyn Institute. Directors of music Schools find these recitals helpful to their work.

Miss Edith Lynwood Winn, a frequent contributor to The Etude, is now violin teacher at Dean Academy and Lasell Seminary, near Boston, Mass. Miss Winn is meeting success with her lecture-recitals.

Mr. Perlee V. Jervis, whose name is familiar to Etude readers, has re-entered the concert field. He has filled several important engagements in Brooklyn and New York recently.

Max and Anna Clark, children of Mr. Frederick Horace Clark, of Chicago, are attracting attention as concert-givers. They received high praise from Paderewski last year, when they played before him.

The School of Music of Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, Minn., reports a gratifying growth. A number of new instruments have been purchased to supply the demand for practice.

Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Goodrich have located in New York City, and will give special attention to instruction in all branches of musical theory.

Miss Mary Hallock, of Philadelphia, was the soloist at the concert arranged by Prof. Charles S. Skilton at the Trenton State Normal School, Trenton, N. J., January 10, 1901.

Misses Florence Leonard and Louisa M. Hopkins have made quite a success of their Saturday morning concerts for young people. These concerts are intended to help toward preparing persons to listen intelligently to music. This month Mr. H. E. Krehbiel will review the study of instruments and speak of the orchestra, the various instruments being shown and typical musical examples being played.

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