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The sixth and final midsummernight musicale has just been given by the College of Music, Boston; Louis Arthur Russell, Musical Director. The programs for the entire series have been of unusual excellence and attractiveness, and the last one was the most severe and interesting of all. These musicales have been under the direction of Mr. Russell, and the announcement is now made that a series of concerts is to be given monthly during the coming season by the faculty, the alumni, and senior students of the College. The first concert will occur in October.

Mrs. Florence T. Pelton, of Brooklyn, N. Y., has opened a school where she will introduce the Fletcher Kindergarten method. Mrs. Pelton was a pupil of the Stuttgart Conservatory of Music, and is a musician of considerable experience.

Mr. William D. Armstrong, of Alton, Ill., has recently been elected president of the Illinois Music Teachers’ Association. For the past six years he has been director of the Shurtleff School of Music. Mr. Armstrong is a musician of exceptional ability, and his compositions have already won great celebrity, numbering nearly one hundred.

Carrie Delle Hosmer, of Orange, Mass., has just closed a successful summer school, having had an attendance of fifty pupils. Two interesting recitals were given.

Harry Grahoff, the talented young pianist, pupil of Mr. Alexander Lambert, will give a piano recital at the Mendelssohn Glee Club Hall in October.

Mary E. Hallock, the pianist, has been engaged for two concerts with the Pittsburg Symphony Orchestra.

A fine new building has been added to the Sultius College for Young Ladies, Bristol, Va.-Tenn., of which F. J. Zeisberg is musical director. The outlook for a prosperous season is a bright one.

Mrs. May Talley, who has been in Los Angeles for some time, has returned to her home in Richmond, Va., and will resume professional work.

Among the new features introduced at Lambert’s New York College of Music will be a free class in solfeggio for children.

The Orpheus Musical Club, of Columbus, Ga., will take up the study of American composers and their works at their meetings on alternate Saturdays, beginning November 4th.

The school, which for more than forty years has been known as Mount Carroll Seminary, has, by the wish of its founder, Mrs. F. A. W. Shimer, become an affiliated school of the University of Chicago.

Prof. James E. Specht has recently been elected as choirmaster and organist at St. John’s Lutheran Church, Hamburg, Pa. During the coming winter he will give a number of recitals and musicales, introducing some new features.

The University of Denver, S. H. Blakeslee, Dean, has entered on its second year. To meet the growing needs of the school two more teachers have been engaged, beginning with the opening of the fall term. The first commencement concert was held on June 20th.

A piano and song recital was given by Mr. Franklin Sonnakalb, pianist, of New York City, and Mr. Leland H. Langley, baritone of St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, New York City, at the cottage of Mrs. Morris Lee King, Santa Cruz Park, on August 19th, at 4 o’clock.

The Toronto College of Music, F. H. Torrington, Musical Director, has entered upon its twelfth year. The faculty consists of the most prominent and experienced executive and theoretical musicians from both Europe and America. At the closing concert, on June 26th, most of the numbers were given by pupils of Mr. Torrington.

H. J. F. Mayer, of Lancaster, Pa., has accepted the position of musical director of the Presbyterian College, Greensboro, Pa.

Dr. Henry G. Hanchett has just concluded the session of his summer school in connection with the Chautauqua Assembly at Monteagle, Tenn., of which he is musical director. Over fifty pupils were enrolled, and thirteen recitals were given, besides the daily band concerts. Dr. Hanchett expects to make an extended Southern and Western concert tour in January and February, for which he has already a number of engagements.

After a careful investigation of the actual results obtained, the New England Conservatory of Music has arranged to establish a department of foundation technical training for the pianoforte, embracing the theories of Mr. A. K. Virgil, inventor of the practice clavier. The prospectus of the Conservatory for 1899-1900 is now ready.

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