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Special Notices

ROBERT GOLDBECK, PIANIST, COMPOSER, AND Teacher, invites correspondence concerning lessons. Send for circular of the new “Dictionary of Music,” a work different from any attempted before. Studio 627, Fine Arts Building, 203 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Ill.

A GRADUATE, PIANO AND VOICE TEACHER, eight years’ experience, established class of thirty pupils, desires a position in a school. Address L., care of Etude.

A YOUNG LADY, CONSERVATORY GRADUATE, desires position in conservatory or school as teacher of Piano and Organ (Pipe or Reed). Experienced accompanist. References furnished. Address “G. K.,” care of Etude.

FOR SALE—CHEAP, ONE SET (27 NUMBERS) of “Music of the Modern World.” John Potter, 504 Washington Street, Steubenville, Ohio.

FOURTH EDITION (WITH ADDENDA) OF Herman’s Handbook of Music, containing biographies of 1700 composers and 3000 musical terms, just published. Price $1.00. Owners of previous editions can complete their books up to date by purchasing the Addenda (180 new names), which can be had separately at 20 cents. Send stamps to O. Ebel, 670 East 145th Street, New York.

WANTED—FIRST-CLASS PIANIST IN A thriving Conservatory. One who can enter into partnership preferred. Address Mr. J. Neher, 2317 S. Chadwick Street, Philadelphia.

FOR SALE—A WELL ESTABLISHED SCHOOL OF Music in a large Western City. Reason for selling, change of climate ordered. Address “School,” care of Etude.

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