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Mr. Philip H. Goepp, of Philadelphia, author of “Symphonies and Their Meaning,” has arranged a series of lecture-recitals on “The Masters from Scarlatti to Brahms.” The plan will be similar to that followed in the work mentioned above, and the material is to be put in book form later.

S. Becker von Grabill, the pianist, is in the Southwest at present, on a concert tour to extend into Mexico.

The Mendelssohn Club of Rockford, Ill., has the records of a two hundred and forty-first concert on November 17th.

Mr. Philip H. Kahmer, of Baltimore, a member of the faculty of the Peabody Conservatory, has completed a symphony. The work is to be given by the Conservatory Orchestra.

Mrs. Aubertine Woodward Moore is giving a series of lectures on the history of music, including studies of Bach, Beethoven, and the Wagnerian drama, at the Farnese Vocal School in Boston.

The Teachers’ Club of Trenton, N. J., gave the first of a series of concerts the past month. There should be an organization of this kind in every city.

Mr. Ward Stephens, who has been for some time with Leschetitzky, is to teach at the Metropolitan College of Music, New York. He is a contributor to several musical journals.

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Findlay have started a school of piano and violin playing in Lynchburg, Va. Mr. Findlay studied under Franz Kullak, in Berlin.

The St. Louis Philharmonic Society will produce Mr. Harry Rowe Shelley’s symphony this season.

A “Music Study Club” has been organized among the musicians of Kansas City, Mo. Their purpose is to stimulate work in original composition.

Clarence Eddy, the organist’s, American tour will be from January 1st to May 1st.

The Ladies’ Orchestra of New York, Mr. Carl V. Lachmund, director, will make several tours this winter.

Mr. Henry Houseley’s Opera, “The Juggler,” was given in Denver last month.

Mr. F. R. Webb, director of the music department of the Virginia Female Institute, Staunton, Ya., is giving a series of organ recitals in the cities of the State.

Mr. Guilio Minetti, violinist, of San Francisco, is meeting with great success in the recitals given by his ensemble class. This kind of work is very valuable to all students of music.

Mr. Harvey Wickham, of Middletown, N. Y., has decided to give up his organ work and confine himself to the piano. He will give a series of recitals this winter.

Mr. Edward Baxter Perry is in the West on a concert tour. On the twenty-second of last month he gave a recital at Toledo, Iowa, under the auspices of the Conservatory of Music, Mr. W. F. Gates, director.

Mr. Perley Dunn Aldrich, of Rochester, N. Y., has issued a unique little program book to accompany his lecture,” Some National Song Characteristics, as Viewed by Candle Light,” which he gave in his studio last month. Songs from the various European folk-songs were given by Mr. Aldrich.

The American Guild of Organists has arranged to hold examinations in Chicago, Detroit, Denver, Pittsburg, Norfolk, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Cleveland, Boston, San Francisco, and Syracuse. Mr. R. Huntington Woodman, 425 Pacific Street, Brooklyn, will have charge of this branch of the work of the Guild.

Mme. A. Pupin, of New York City, has prepared a lecture recital illustrating the progress of music during the present century, which includes a recital on the new Janko keyboard, forming an evening’s entertainment of great value to schools, colleges, and music clubs.

Dr. Henry G. Hanchett has been engaged as musical director of the Florida Chautauqua, at De Funiak Springs, Florida, to be held in February and March. He will conduct the chorus, give his series of analytical lectures and recitals, and will also arrange for private lessons. During December he will be engaged in a concert tour in Indiana.


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