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Special Notices and Announcements



FOR SALE—Fine old violin. Address Ola Thompson, Lenox, Iowa.

PIANO TEACHER wishes position where she may also study. M. M. B., care of The Etude.

ORGANIST wishes responsible position where he may study. F. B. R., care of The Etude.

WANTED—Combined Vocalist and Reader for concert work. Address Mrs. H. S. Shaw, Farmington, Missouri.

WANTED—Position as Piano Teacher in a College. Received certificate, diploma and medal from a good school in Minnesota. Experience. C. L. M., care of The Etude.

POSITION WANTED as assistant piano teacher, assured future preferred to large salary. S. S., care of The Etude.

WANTED—A teacher of Piano and Harmony, an experienced accompanist, wishes position in a school, or as accompanist in a Studio. References. Miss E., care of The Etude.

STUDY PIANO in Boston this Season. Mr. Alvah Glover Salmon will teach from September to June. Studio, Steinert Hall, 162 Boylston St. TWO SPECIAL COURSES. 1, for teachers and students preparing to teach. 2, for pianists wishing to arrange unusual and effective programs of modern compositions. Circular forwarded upon application.

announcement-hed.jpgJ. FRANK FRYSINGER—Music MSS. corrected. University School of Music, Lincoln, Neb.

MUSIC WRITTEN to words. Manuscripts corrected. Correspondence lessons in Harmony. Dr. Alfred Wooler, composer, Buffalo, N. Y.

PIANISTS—Wanted to teach popular music and ragtime piano playing. No investment involved. Winn School of Popular Music, 155 West 125th St., New York.

HAWAIIAN UKULELE and self-instructor, $5.00. Write Wm. Buslap, 3731 Concord Place, Chicago.

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