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Interesting Pupils' Recital Programs


Pupils of Mr. Adolph H. Stadermann.

Sonata No. 4, F Major, Mozart; Impromptu, A Flat Major, Op. 90, No. 4, Schubert; Rondo Brillant, Op. 62, Von Weber; Concerto, D Major, Haydn; Song Without Words, No. 9, E Major, Mendelssohn; Shadow Dance, MacDowell; Valse Lente, Schuett; Waldesrauschen, Liszt; Octave Study No. 7, E Flat Major, Th. Kullak; Dornroeschen, Bendel; Sonata, Op. 7, Grieg; Mazurka, Op. 9, No. 4, Paderewski; Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz (Concert Transcription), Strauss-Mills; Berceuse, Chopin; Polonaise, Op. 53, Chopin.

Pupils of Miss Nannie Bee Ferguson.

Spring Breezes (4 hds.), Calvini; Sing, Robin, Sing, Spaulding; Field Daisy, Woodward; Flowers and Ferns, Lester; Roll Call March, Garland; True Happiness, Lange; Love's Awakening, Renard; Chanson Polonaise, Wieniawski; Narcissus, Nevin; Valse Brillante, Op. 34, No. 1, Chopin; Traeumerei, Schumann; Idilio, Lack; 5th Air Varie (Violin), Dancla; Myrtles, Wachs; Valse Arabesque, Lack; Il Trovatore, Verdi-Hoffmann; Consolation, Mendelssohn; To Spring, Grieg; Marche Militaire in D, Schubert; Humoreske (Violin and Piano), Dvorak.

Pupils of Mr. J. E. McMeans.

The Chase (8 hds.), Gurlitt; Valse, Gurlitt; Historical Pageant (4 hds.), Gilis; Rondo, Crosby; Hunting Songs, Heller; The Streamlet, Heller; Cymbals and Castanets, Schmoll; Russian Dance, Trinkaus; Spanish Dance, Trinkaus; Woodland Echoes, Wyman; Circling Christmas Tree, Crosby-Adams; Polonaise in C Flat Minor, Chopin; The Fountain, Lysberg; Finale, Scharwenka; Birds of Spring, Lange; Polka de Concert, Bartlett.

Pupils of Mr. John L. Bloom.

Banner of Victory (4 hds.), von Blon; Le Carillon, Ringuet; The Goat Ride, Bristow; Under the Mistletoe (4 hds.), Engelmann; The Garden Party Schottische, Engelmann; Heather Rose. Lange; True Friendship (4 hds.), Mero; On Guard Duty, Necke; Mexican Butterfly Dance, Clarke; Russian Intermezzo (4 hds.), Franke; Goldfish Mazurka, Heins; Fifth Valse, Durand; TheFlatterer, Chaminade; Faust Valse (4 hds.), Gounod; Wanda, Bohm; Dying Poet, Gottschalk; Apple Blossoms, Engelmann; Second Mazurka, Godard; Valse Venetienne (4 hds.), Ringuet.

Pupils of H. Rawlins Baker.

Overture "Sakuntala" (8 hds.), Goldmark; Sonata, Op. 10, No. 3, Beethoven; Fantasie, Op. 16, No. 1, Mendelssohn; Sonata, Op. 22, Beethoven; Fantasie, Op. 49, Chopin; Romance in F Minor, Tschaikowski; Tarantelle, Rubinstein; In Deep Woods, MacDowell ; To an Old White Pine, MacDowell; Prelude, Op. 104, Mendelssohn; Arabesque, Chaminade; The Lark, Glinka-Balakirew; Berceuse, Chopin; Romance, Brockway; Legende, Op. 39, No. 4 (8 hds.), Dvorak; Sonata, Op. 27, No. 1, Beethoven; Romance, Schumann; Prelude, Blumenfeld; Perpetuum Mobile Mendelssohn; Etude, Op. 10, No. 8, Chopin; Etude, Arensky; Polonaise, Rubinstein.

Pupils of Mrs. Cora A. Beels.

At Springtide, Watt; "To the Evening Star," Wagner-Liszt; Romance, Mozart; Mazurka in B Flat, Chopin; A la Bien Aimee, Schütt; Melody in F, Rubinstein; Gondolieri, Nevin; Buona Notte, Nevin; Prelude in C Sharp Minor, Rachmaninoff; Persian March, Strauss-Gruenfeld.

Pupils of Mr. E. von Schlechtendal.

Young Graduate, Dancing Lesson (4 hds.), Koelling; Swiss Song, Krug; Garden Party, Neuman; Fra Diavalo-Potpourri, Auber; Gipsy Rondo (4 hds.), Haydn; Rustle of Spring, Sinding; The Blacksmith (4 hds.), Jungmann; Valse Brillante, Loew; Duo Dramatique (4 hds.), Vilbac.

Pupils of Eula Virginia Marriott.

Hazel March (6 hds.), Lerman; In the Clover, Mrs. Virgil; The Village Blacksmith, Heins; Off to School March (6 hds.), Lerman; Good-night (A Day in Venice), Nevin; Gondolieri, Nevin; Gavotte, Bergerette, Aletter; Polonaise in A, Chopin; Rigoletto, Verdi-Engelmann, Idilio, Lack; Gondoliera, Stojowski; The Slumber Boat, Gaynor; Mr. Dream-maker, Woodman; Spring Song (4 hds.), Mendelssohn; Postilion, Godard; Morning Mood, Grieg; Rondo Capriccioso, Mendelssohn.

Pupils of the Margaret Allen School.

Little German Dance (4 hds.), Hannah Smith; Etude in G, Sartorio; The Gossip, Duvernoy; Aid de Ballet, R. Berger; The Musical Clock, Heins; Teasing, von Wilm; Sorrentina, Lack; Les Sylphes (4 hds.), Bachmann; Bourree in D, Bach; Scherzo-Tarentelle,  Wilson G. Smith ; Venetian Serenade (for left hand), R. Hoffmann; Staccato Minuet, Wilson G. Smith; Hunting Song, Mendelssohn; La Grace, Bohm; Polonaise Militaire (4 hds.), Chopin.

Pupils of Miss Luella Gibson.

Valse Lente, Moler ; The Ducklings, Engelmann; Song of the Katy Did, Kern; Priscilla Three Step. Lindsay; Bright Days Polka, Russell; The World of To-morrow (Song), Stults; Historical Pageant (4 hds.), Giles; Installation March, Rockwell; The Royal Hunt, Holzer; Reverie, Kern; With Song and Jest (4 hds.), Flagler; Humoreske, Dvorak; Serenata, Moszkowski.

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