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Pupils' Recitals


Pupils of Miss Katherine Morgan.
Slumber Song, Gurlitt; Melody, Baumfelder; Sylph Waltz (4 hds.), Bachmann; Minuet in E flat, Mozart; The Gondola, Reynald; Will O’ the Wisp, Jungmann; Elfentanz, Spindler; Palms, Faure-Leybach; Idilio, Lack; Skylark’s Morning Song, Koelling; Titania, Lefebure-Wely; Mountain Spring, Bohm; Caprice, Stavenhagen; Sextette (from “Lucia di Lammermoor”), (left hand alone), Leschetizky; Festival March, (2 pianos), Horvath.

Pupils of Miss Lotta Glo Wallis.
Slumber Song, Wagner; Lucrezia Borgia (4 hds.), Donizetti; Reverie, Ollendorff; Iris, Pfefferkorn; Valsetta, Brown; Shower of Stars, Paul Wachs; Spring Song (4 hds.), Mendelssohn; Danse Polonaise (8 hds.), Rudolf Friml.

Pupils of Mr. W. K. Steiner.
Solfeggietto (a), two hands; (b) left hand alone, C. P. E. Bach; Fantasie in C-minor, Mozart; Waldstein Sonata, first movement, Beethoven; Entrance, Forest Whisperings, Return, Heller; A Nubian Face on the Nile, Cadman; Fantasie, Heller; Arabesque, Debussy; Prelude in C-sharp minor, Rachmaninoff Meditation on “Millet’s L’Angelus,” Sieveking; The Cuckoo, Arensky; Carillon, Oldberg; The Spirit of the Woods, Friml; Ricordanza, Liszt; Study on the Black Keys, Chopin; Liebestraum, No. 3, Liszt; The Lark, Balakireff; Moto Perpetuo, Weber; “Roses from the South,” paraphrase, Strauss-Schuett.

Pupils of Wm. A. Wolf.
Prelude and Fugue, E-minor, Mendelssohn; Sonata quasi una Fantasia, Op. 27, No. 2, Beethoven; Symphony No. 8, B-minor (unfinished) (8 hds.), Schubert; Valse de Concert, Wieniawski; Valse, d’amour, Moszkowski; Eroticon, Sjogren; Witches’ Dance, MacDowell; Concerto, G-minor, Op. 25, Mendelssohn.

Pupils of G. N. Benson.
Birthday March (4 hds.), Lerman; At the Brook, Franz; March of the Hobgoblins, Necke; The Mill at Sans Souci, Schneider; Cabaletta, Lack; Sonata No. 1, Mozart; By Lantern Light, Rockwell; Rapsodia Zingara, Necke; Twilight Strains, Engelmann; The Fawn, King; Anvil Chorus (6 hds.), Verdi; Scherzo in B flat, Schubert; Alpine Glow, Oesten; Happy Dreams, Bonner; Fresh Life, Spindler; June, Tschaikowsky; Festival Polonaise, Wolf; Evening Glow, Benson; Singing Rills, Dorn; Distant Chimes, Bohm; La Baladine (4 hds.), Lysberg.

Pupils of Harry L. Link.
Sonata II (4 hds.), Diabelli; New Life, Valse Caprice, Kern; Butterflies, Grant-Schaefer; Mazurka, Op. 34, No. 4, Chopin; Humoreske (4 hds.), Dvorak; Garland of Roses, Streabbog; L’Angelus (4 hds.), Gounod; Valse Caprice, Atherton; Danse Caprice, Grieg; Liselotte, Air de Ballet, Adam; La Pluie D’Argent (4 hds.), Smith; Valse Impromptu, Raff.

Pupils of School of Musical Art.
Sonata in G-major (Violin and Piano), Haydn; Summer Song, Grondahl; Crescendo, Lassen; Valse in E-minor, Chopin; Romanze, March Grotesque, Sinding; Etude in F-major, Neupert; Etude Arabesque, Lack.

Pupils of Miss Hermine Taenzer.
Soldier’s March, Schumann; The Elves, Lazarus; The Cooper’s Song, Van Gael; Concerto (E-major), Mozart; What the Brook Says, Sommer; Idyl, Merikanto; The Brooklet, Kirchner; Valse Viennoise (left hand), Krogmann; Theme for left hand, Pirkhert; Barcarolle No. 2, Ehrlich; Rondo-all’Ongharese, Haydn; Nocturne in F, Schumann; Impromptu, Reinhold; Moonlight Sonata, Beethoven; Faust Valse, Liszt.

Pupils of Mrs. Bertha Stowell Gaynor.
Away to the Woods (6 hds.), Morey; A Dream of Fairyland, Bugbee; Evening Party, Mazurka, Wachs; A Dream Waltz, Watson; Return of the Gondolier, Barcarolle, Schmoll; Home Again, Waltz, Hartung; Vienese (sic) Waltz (4 hds.), Gurlitt; Ding Dong Bell, Spaulding; A Child’s Goodnight, Spaulding; When the Roses Bloom Again, Metzler; Sunset, Nocturne, Read; Remembrance, song without words, Schmoll; Spring Greeting, Virgil; Two Flowers, Koelling; By-gone Days, Bonaldi; On the Lake, Williams; Shepherd’s Lullaby—left hand alone, Henry; Concert Mazurka, Op. 29, Virgil.

Pupils of Miss Beatrice Holmes.
Tancredi Overture (8 hds.), Rossini; Spinning Wheel, Ellmenreich; The Merry Farmer, Schumann; Serene Morning, Gurlitt; Feast of the Rose (6 hds.), Thuillier; A Man From a Strange Country, Gurlitt; Hunting Song, Gurlitt; Waltz Lorraine (8 hds.), Missa; In the Tent, Terry; Good Night Little Girl, Gramm; Mitzi Katzchen (2 pianos), Behr; Festival Sounds (2 pianos), Nurnberg; Solfeggietto, Bach; Polish Dance, Scharwenka; Grillen, Schumann; Noel Enfantin (8 hds.), Missa; June-Barcarolle, Tschaikowsky; The Butterfly, Lavallee; Impromptu, Reinhold; Parting (8 hds.), from “Lenore Symphony,” Raff. 

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