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Well Known Composers of To-Day: J. Frank Frysinger

j_frank_frysinger.jpgMr. Frysinger was born at Hanover, Pennsylvania, in 1878. His musical studies commenced at the age of eight when he was placed under the instruction of Frederick W. Wolf, of Baltimore, with whom he studied piano and harmony. Later he went to New York and studied for three years at the New York College of Music under Engel (piano) and Kelly (harmony). Three years with the virtuoso, Burmeister, in New York, followed this. Later he studied voice and choir training with Ralph Kinder, of Philadelphia, next he went to London and studied with the famous blind organist, Wolstenholme. Returning to America he was organist of the Emmanuel Reformed Church at Hanover, and later organist of the First Presbyterian Church of York, Pa. He also held the position of head of the school of music of the Woman’s College at Frederick, Maryland. Mr. Frysinger has recently been given the direction of the department of organ instruction at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Nebraska. His organ compositions have been played by many distinguished organists and his compositions for piano are much liked.

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