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Special Notices

RATES—Professional Want Notices five cents per word. All other notices eight cents per nonpareil word, cash with orders.

NEW RUSSELL BOOKS. Introductory prices postpaid. “Fifty Graded Piano Studies:” “First Steps in Reading and Phrasing “People’s Sight Singing Course:” “Beginnings in Interpretation:” “Rhythm and Accent:” 30 cents each. Voice booklets, 15 cents. “Breath Control,” 30 cents; “Practice Material for Singers” 50 cents. Introductory Sets Russell Books, Five Books, either Voice or Piano, One Dollar. Essex Publishing Company, 854 Carnegie Hall, Manhattan. Circulars on request.

MUSIC TEACHERS WANTED for best Southern institutions, all departments, fall term, oldest, largest, best agency South, Twentieth year. Enroll early. Sheridan’s Teachers Agency, Atlanta.

BALALAIKA Russian folksongs for Piano played everywhere. 20 cents, postpaid. Catalog. Big Discount. Washington Music Co., Washington, D. C.

SONG—By Those Gates of Gold a Mother Waits; 15 cents. Safford Co., Keene, N. H.

SERENATA POETICA—Fine violin and piano solo (2nd edition); 25 cents. Luigi Tutela, 217 Hunterdon St., Newark, N. J.

A MUSICIAN desires position in first-class symphony or concert orchestra as Viola or Violin player. Several years’ experience among first-class English orchestras. West preferred. Address R. T. Wilson, Revelstoke, Br. Columbia.

ACCOMPANIST (lady) will accept position now or for next season. Address E. M., c/o The Etude.

CONCERT PIANIST, pupil of Leschetizky, with successful teaching experience, desires connection with school, one or two days weekly. Address L., c/o The Etude.

PIANO TEACHER desires position in college or conservatory. Address Illinois, c/o The Etude.

MEMORIES OF CHILDHOOD, Waltzes. A fine composition for teachers and pupils; not difficult; very effective. Thematic sample on request. Introductory price 20 cents. Harold S. Higgins, Music Publisher, Bar Harbor, Me.

THE HOTEL RECTOR, the latest acquisition to New York’s collection of millionaire hotels, is equipped throughout with Strich & Zeidler pianos. Besides the pianos used in the various dining rooms and parlors of the hotel, each of the 29 suites upon the upper floors are to contain one of these instruments. The selection was made by Mr. Rector himself after a careful survey of the latest models of all makes. Strich & Zeidler, Cor. E. 140th St. & Robbins Ave., New York.

A TEACHER OF PIANOFORTE, with wide experience in Europe and with a distinguished credentials, desires position at the head of the pianoforte Department of American College, or Musical Conservatory of good financial standing. Speaks English fluently and has a reputation as composer of educational compositions. Address G. L., c/o The Etude.

JAPANESE MUSIC written in Universal notation. National hymn; patriotic; classical and popular songs with several Chinese Music. All for 20 cts.; cash or stamps. Order to-day. They are unique and interesting. Oriental Music Pub. Co., Box 495,  Indianapolis, Ind.

FOR SALE—Growing school of music in Wisconsin city of 36.000. Director (violinist) retiring on physician’s Orders. Will stand most thorough investigation. Address B. P. H., care The Etude.

OPERA IN THE HOME is made a real practicable fact by means of the Victor Talking Machine records of the great musical masterpieces sung by the greatest singers. Hundreds of teachers are using the Talking Machine as a teaching auxiliary to make their work more interesting. Think of inviting your pupils to hear such records as the new Siciliana sung by Caruso with harp accompaniment; or the great Aïda duet sung by Homer and Caruso: or the very first record ever taken of the wonderful Song of the Nightingale. This was made in Germany with a real nightingale, and thus the greatest musician of the forests has now had his exquisite arias captured by the wonderful marvel of modern science—the Victor Talking Machine. Write the Victor Talking Machine Company, of Camden, N. J., for a free illustrated booklet giving detailed information pertaining to these fine new records.

CLARENCE C. ROBINSON, tenor, composer and director, whose songs are familiar to readers of The Etude, desires to locate in a city of 25,000 or more in the capacity of choir director, teacher of voice, etc.

Mr. Robinson is an experienced director of choirs and choral societies and is well equipped to meet musical and executive requirements. He is at present with the well-known Dunbar Company in concert. Address, 604 Cable Bldg., (care Redpath), Chicago, Ill.

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