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Just why some ill-bred people feel, that they have a special privilege to whisper as soon as a musician commences to play is hard to tell. Nothing is so annoying to the artist He works for months, yes, years to perfect an interpretation and does not relish having it marred by the bad manners of the ignorant. To converse during the performance of a worthy musical composition is about as sensible as visiting an art gallery for the express purpose of cutting gashes in the masterpieces.
Little David has been playing in the street and the minutes passed by just so quick that he had no idea he would be late. This is real cute in David, because all 'boys will be boys." etc. But David's teacher doesn't think that it is cute at all, because if one or two of her pupils are late it throws out all her work for an entire day and inconveniences all the other pupils. One of the first things which the pupil should cultivate is strict punctuality at the lessons.

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