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Music That Progressive Teachers Have Found Desirable

Pupils of Miss F. Marion Ralston.
Ave Maria (8 hds.), Gounod; Kuss Waltz (8 hds.), Strauss; Impromptu Op. 142, Schubert; Valse de Concert, Wieniawski; Concerto in D Major, Haydn; Perpetual Motion, Von Weber; Nocturne, Op. 55, No. 1, Chopin; Etude de Concert in D Flat, Liszt; Pastorale in E Minor, Scarlatti-Tausig; Nocturne, Op. 27, No. 2, Chopin; Prelude in C Sharp Minor, Rachmaninoff; Nocturne, Op. 32, No. 1, Chopin; Etude, Op. 19, No. 7, Chopin; Andante and Variations (2 pianos), Schumann.

Pupils of Miss Bess R. Martin and Mr. John F. Jones.
Sonatina in C Major, Kuhlau; Pierrot Tanzt, Kullak; In the Dark, In the Dew (song), Coombs; Evening Song, Heins; Le Desir, Cramer; Dance of the Stars, Godard; A Lesson from the Violets (song), Marks; Like Unto a Star (song), Coverly; Heather Rose, Lange; Staccato Etude, Bohm.

Pupils of Mrs. Hitchcock.
Always Merry (4 hds.), Frances C. Robinson; Minuet from “Symphony in E Flat,” Mozart; Little Cradle Song (4 hds.), Sartorio; Sunset, Edward M. Read; Postilion D’Amour (4 hds.), F. Behr; Gypsy Life (4 hds.), Sartorio; Robins Return, Fisher; Country Dance (4 hds.), Ethelbert Nevin; With Jaunty Stride, Carl Wilhelm Kern; Playing Tag, Margstein; Through Field and Forest (4 hds.), M. Vogel; The Myrtles, Paul Wach; Merry Lads and Lassies, E. L. Sanford; Joyous Return (4 hds.), Leon Ringuet; Song of the Katydid, Kern; Grand Valse de Concert, Tito Matei.

Pupils of Addison H. Briscoe.
Sonata, Op. 53 (Waldstein), Beethoven; Chant Sans Paroles, Sinding; Marche Grotesque, Sinding; Vöglein, Grieg; Polonaise, Chopin; Valse Caprice in Eb, Rubinstein; Festal Play and Bridal Song, Wagner-Liszt; Concerto in C Minor, Beethoven.

Pupils of Kurt Mueller.
Nocturne, Chopin; Impromptu, Chopin; Momens musical, Reger; Andante cantabile e Presto agitato, Mendelssohn; Impromptu, Schubert; Barcarolle, Rubinstein; Norwegian Rhapsody, Schytte; Concerto (2nd movement), Arensky.

Pupils of Mrs. R. W. Bullock.
Priests March from “Athalia,” (8 hands), Mendelssohn; To the Dinner, Englemann; In the Hammock, Ferber; Spring, Lichner; The Cuckoo and the Children, Hudson; A-hunting we will go, Hudson; Allegro, Diabelli; The Brooklet, Hannah Smith; The Blacksmith (4 hds.), Eyer; Marche Festival, Low; Song of the Sea Shell, Krogmann; Gavotte in B-flat, Handel; Slumber Song, Gurlitt; Summer Skies, Forman; Flora, Wenzel; La Scintillata, Gaertner; Song to the Evening Star, Wagner-Lange; Marche Grotesque, Sinding; Minuet (8 hds.), Boccherini ; Hallelujah Chorus from the “Messiah,” (8 hds.), Handel.

Pupils of Mrs. L. E. York.
Apple Blossoms; Metzler; Tin Soldiers, Gurlitt; Joyous Farmer, Schumann; Scherzando, (Violin) Hohmann; Pixies’ Carnival, Engelmann; In May Time, Behr; Legend of the Rose, (Violin) Papini; March from “Norma,” Burgmuller; May Zephyrs, Low; Serenade, (Violin) Braga; Valse Brillante, Op. 18, Chopin; Rondo (2 Violins), Pleyel; Advance of the Gnomes, Von Blon; Messenger of Spring, Bohm; Kaiser Gavotte (Violin), Morley; La Gazelle, Wollenhaupt; Rondo D’Amour (Violin), Goldstein.

Pupils of Edward Stevenson.
Poem de Mai, Moszkowski; Moonlight Sonata, Beethoven; Murmuring Zephyrs, Jensen; Grillen—Warum? Schumann; Intermezzo in Octaves, Leschetizky; Berceuse, Chopin; March Militaire, Schubert-Tausig.


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