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Music That Progressive Teachers Have Found Desirable

Pupils of Otterbein University.
Slavonic Dance No. 1 (4 lids.), Dvorak; Scherzino, Kjerulf; Staccato Etude, R. Friml; King of the Forest (song), Parker; A la Valse, Op. 301, Bohm; This Would I Do (song), Chapman; A Venise, Barcarolle, Loeschhorn: Melody, Op. 10, No. 2, Alice Lagarde; God Speed You (song), del Riego; Die Wassernixe, Op. 341, Lange; May time (song), Oley Speaks; Flying Leaves, Koeliing ; Marche, Op. 63 (2 pianos), Th. Gouvy.

Pupils of Miss Bugbee.
The Student’s Pride (4 hds.), Montaine; The Picnic Party, Bugbee; The Breeze in the Trees, Geibel; The Swordfish as a Soldier Bold, Bugbee; The King’s Delight, Engelmann; First Compositions, Mozart; Lullaby, Op. 197, No. 1, Wolf; A Talk Between the Oyster and the Eel, Bugbee; Melody in F (4 hds.), Rubinstein; Mazurka, Chopin-Felix; Farewell to the Piano, Beethoven; Allegro, Haydn; Torch Dance, Sartorio; Tarantelle, Bugbee; Russian Dance, Engelmann; Song Without Words, Mendelssohn; Sonatine, Op. 36, No. 1, Clementi; March (6 hds.), Streabbog.

Pupils of Mrs. Corry.
Valse (6 hds.), Streabbog; Fairy Waltz, Streabbog; Petit Polka (4 hds.), Streabbog; Dear Little Dolly, Engelmann; Golden Stars, Streabbog; Star Spangled Banner, Steinhammer; Valse (4 hds.), Godard; March of the Nations, Engelmann; Under the Mistletoe (4 hds.), Rollins; Babbling Brooklet, Wright; Dixie, Northrup; Over Hill and Dale (8 hds.), Engelmann.

Pupils of University of Wooster.
Morceau, A flat major, Wollenhaupt; Callirhoë, Chaminade; Venetian Love Song, Nevin; Goodnight, Nevin; Waltz, Op. 99, No. 3, W. G. Smith; Impromptu, C sharp minor, Reinhold; Butterfly, Seeboeck; Waltz, E flat major, Chopin; La Fileuse, Raff; Valse Caprice, Chaminade.

Pupils of Charles D. Neff.
Overture “Der Freischütz” (4 hds.), Weber; Spinning Wheel, Op. 35, Chaminade; Arion, Op. 46, Kroeger; Nocturne in F, Schumann; Grande Valse in A flat, Op. 42, Chopin; March in D flat, Hollaender; La Gazelle, Op. 22, Kullak; Air de Ballet in G, Op. 30, Chaminade; Operatic Fantasia (4 hds.), Epstein.

Pupils of Mr. and Mrs. William E. White.
Song of Love, Goldbeck; Minuet, A major, Paderewski; Pastorale, Mozart; Valse (Papillon), Thome; Air and Six Variations, Beethoven; Peasants’ Dance (from Faust music), Lassen; Etude, The Rose, Lichner; Turkish March, Gurlitt; Spring Song, Gurlitt; The Frolic, Mayer; The Last Hope, Gottschalk; Slumber Song, Gurlitt; Second Valse, Godard; Bubbling Spring, Rive-King; Tremolo Etude, Gottschalk; La Fileuse, Raff; Autumn, MacDowell; From an Indian Lodge, MacDowell; Uncle Remus, MacDowell; To Spring, Haberbier; The Swallows, Bachmann; The Whirlwind, Ritter; Dance of the Elves, Grieg; March from Carmen, Bizet-Low; Andante and Rondo, Rosenhain; The Chase (hunting song), Reinecke; At Evening, Paderewski; Love Song, Paderewski; Mazura (sic), Paderewski; Cracovienne Fantastique, Paderewski; Scherzino, Paderewski; Polish Dance, Scharwenka ; Birdling, Grieg; Butterfly, Grieg; Anitra’s Dance, Grieg; March of the Dwarfs, Grieg.

Pupils of the Kroeger School of Music.
Fantasie Impromptu, Op. 66, Chopin; Wedding Day, Op. 65, No. 6, Grieg; Barcarolle Venitienne, Godard; Torchlight Dance of the Brides of Cashmere, Rubinstein; Tanz Fantasie, Pabst; La Fileuse (spinning song), Op. 157, No. 2, Raff; Valse Brillante, Op. 1, Kroeger; First Movement from Sonata Pathetique, Op. 13, Beethoven; Tarantelle, Op. 85, No. 2, Heller; Dornröschen, Bendel; Valse Poetique, Friml; Mazurka in G minor, C. Saint-Säens; Kamennoi Ostrow (Portrait), Op. 10, No. 22, Rubinstein; Autumn, Chaminade; Caprice, “The Trout,” Op. 33, Schubert- Heller.

Pupils of Mrs. Blanche St. John Baker.
Tarantelle (4 hds.), Moszkowski; Bell in the Valley, Wenzel; Court Jester, Krogmann; The Fountain, Bohm; Second Waltz, Godard; Impromptu Mazurka, Lack; Au Matin, Godard ; Valse, Joseffy; Valse Leme, Schuett; La Regata Veneziana, Liszt; To Spring, Grieg; Vöglein, Grieg; Spinning Song, Litollf; Nocturne, Op. 15, No. 1, Chopin; Valse Chromatique, Godard; Witches’ Dance, MacDowell; Waltz (A la bien-aimee), Schuett; Consolation, Chaminade; March, Op. 39, Hollaender.

Pupils of J. M. Dungan.
Twinkling Stars, Daugherty; Children’s Dance (6 hds.), Streabbog; Twilight, Grant-Schaefer; Valse, Op. 15, No. 5, Dennee; Dancing on the Lawn (6 hds.), Knabel; Heart’s Desire, Karoly; Flowers of the Orient, Warren; Going to School (6 hds.), Behr; Youth Forever, Martin; Etude de Valse (4 hds.), Parlow; At Break of Day, Bohm; Spring Thoughts, Bohm; Greetings from Afar, Bohm ; March of the Flower Girls, Wachs; Second Valse (4 hds.), Godard; Valse, from Suite, Op. 39 (4 hds.), de Paz. 

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